The rise in remote work setups brought about changes to daily routines and working conditions. The transition wasn’t an easy one due to various challenges, though. Most find it difficult to focus on their tasks as children and pets often get in the way because there’s no boundary between home and work.

If your work allows you to maintain a home-based setting but you’re struggling to focus on your tasks, it might be time to make the necessary modifications to your office or work area to put your productivity back on track. Here are some helpful hints and suggestions for setting up a productive home office:

1. Add Adequate Lighting

Although natural light is preferable, the number of windows in your home office will also determine how much natural light you get. Adding more light fixtures is the best solution if insufficient natural light flows into the room.

Good lighting is also a simple upgrade to your workspace at home to boost your productivity. A dimly lit environment is not conducive for work as it can cause headaches, eye strain, and fatigue, to name a few.

So, upgrade your workspace lighting to create an uplifting atmosphere that will motivate you to work more effectively.

2.Decide On The Suitable Color Combination

The colors in your work area may have an impact on your productivity. Colors can evoke various emotions, which can affect your concentration and mood. Although most homes have white walls or other neutral colors, sprucing up the colors of your wall may help increase work productivity.

One way to impart a touch of vibrance to your workspace is to paint the walls with a fresh color. Red is a good choice, especially for detail-oriented chores. Using green tones might also help you be more imaginative. Shades of blue are worth considering if you want to create a more positive environment while still increasing productivity.

Remember, though, that each individual responds to colors uniquely. Whatever color you choose, ensure that it improves your work performance.

3. Set Up A Space With An Ergonomic Desk And Chair

Adding an ergonomic desk and chair to your workspace can help improve comfort and health.

One of the critical points to keep in mind is investing in a comfortable chair that can support your back. You might find one with adjustable support options to maintain proper upright alignment of the spine while working. Go for an adjustable one with good-quality casters, too. After long work hours, an ergonomic chair may save you from back pain.

The desk also serves as the cornerstone of any work area. Pick one that is sturdy, aesthetically appealing, and functional at the same time. Generally, it would be best to go for a desk with ample surface area and some storage options.

4. Engage In Meaningful Breaks

Maintaining a good level of productivity will require you to take breaks from your work now and then. Continuous working can be exhausting, and you may lose focus due to the amount of data you must process.

If your concept of a break is checking out your social media, it might be time to take a different approach. Having a break can mean taking a short walk in your yard, reading a book you love, or having a quick power nap to refresh your mind.

5. Use The Right Storage And Shelves

Providing your workspace with enough storage space is also crucial. With this in mind, make it a priority to include a good-quality bookcase. Aside from housing your books or work-related materials, you can showcase your valuable trinkets or collections. A creatively arranged bookcase can also serve as a backdrop for your online meetings.

6. Add A Vision Board

A vision board might serve as an enlightening addition to your home office, especially during days when you’re struggling to stay productive. Every time you see your board, it will remind you of what you want to achieve.

Your vision board can have photos, clippings, or quotes that inspire you or a list of goals you want to achieve. Everything that you’ll place on your board should keep you motivated once you start to feel too much pressure or when you’re unproductive on certain days.

7. Infuse Your Setup With A Touch Of Nature

Bringing nature inside your work area can add an uplifting touch. The presence of plants can give life to your office. It can be a small pot holding a cactus or go for a large-sized plant in one corner for a touch of greenery.

8. Keep All Technology Up To Date

One of the key factors in maintaining productivity in work-from-home settings is having up-to-date and reliable tools. Any problems with your computer, printer, or other tools can hamper the workflow. Hence, upgrade your gadgets if you don’t want to jeopardize your productivity.

Final Thoughts

Remote work setup is here to stay, so it’s time to tidy up your work area for the better. A well-designed home office with an inviting ambiance will surely boost your productivity.