What Should We Keep In Mind When Buying Designer Sofas for Living Rooms in 2023?

Do you live in Singapore and want to buy a designer sofa in Singapore? Here is something for you! Getting a new sofa is a challenging thing to do. It’s safe to assume that purchasing a sofa is a significant financial and time commitment due to its size and cost.

While letting your imagination go wild while creating a layout is OK, you should still rely on complex data when deciding what sofa is best for your home.

Considerations to Buy a Designer Sofa in Singapore

The Structure

Only pick something up randomly if you think it’s pretty in a store. It would help if you gave the room’s arrangement your full attention before making the purchase. Lighting, artwork, and furnishings all need to coordinate well.

Stores in Singapore that take the time to arrange their furniture in a way that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional are more likely to have you choose a couch from their showroom.

Be sure to consider the room’s current furnishings before making any purchases, as an item that appears excellent in the store may need to be revised in your area.

Chilling Solace

If it’s fashionable yet uncomfortable to wear, it’s the incorrect choice. It’s essential to know the construction of your couch and what’s hiding below the decorative covering. Sofa cushions typically consist of polyurethane foam, with densities ranging from 28 to 52.

A sofa’s thickness between 32 and 45 inches is often ideal since it provides just the right amount of sinkage without being too firm. In addition, since high-density foam has a more robust cell structure, it will support the couch for a more extended period.

Dimensions and Form

Although conventional sofas take the form of a rectangle, modern sofas come in various shapes and sizes, including ovals, half moons, and even sectionals.

Modern preference often leans toward L-shaped couches. However, this configuration’s viability is very context-dependent.

If you’re trying to decide what form would work best, double-verify the dimensions. Before purchasing a couch, you should measure the room dimensions to avoid having it seem too huge, too tiny, or out of place.

As with any furniture, a sofa needs some breathing room, so it’s best to have one made to order based on the specifics of your living quarters.

When discussing dimensions, remember to take the sofa’s height into account. Also, remember where it is located. For instance, if you want to put it against a wall, it shouldn’t block any decorative elements like bookcases or artwork you want to keep in the room. There also shouldn’t be an audible volume level.


The purity, depth, and emotional resonance of colour make it captivating. Choose simple tones if you’re furnishing a large sofa.

You may use bold colours like blue and yellow or more subdued ones like beige, grey, and cream, provided that you consider how well they mesh with the existing furnishings.

Smaller couches lend themselves to patterns, but a vast sectional covered in a busy design could seem like it needed to be put in the right place.

Comfort is at Peak

Make it a point to sit on a luxury couch before you buy a sofa in Singapore from any store to see whether it’s comfy. High-resilient foam is preferable to low-density foam for the sofa because it is more robust and long-lasting and retains shape.

Eight-way, hand-tied springs are the most straightforward kind utilized in production. The springs of a couch contribute to its hardness and affect its comfort.

Elegant Textile

Pick cotton and poly blend fabrics if you want low-maintenance and long-lasting options in Singapore. In addition, pillows and throws can be used to provide visual interest.

Sofa textiles should withstand harsh wear and tear and last up to five years. Thus a high Martindale value is also essential. Don’t waste your time buying a sofa in Singapore infused with delicate materials with excessively high thread counts.

Ensure a Solid Foundation

These days, it’s preferable to avoid choosing bottom-heavy couches and sunk into the floor in favour of those with legs and some free space at the base.

This will help maintain the area under the sofa tidy and open up the room. Next, decide whether you want wooden or gold-plated legs to lend a touch of class to the room.


When discussing the care of a modern couch set, it all boils down to the fabric. Longevity is increased when the cloth used in making a sofa is tough and eco-friendly.

If the quality and appearance of the fabric are high enough, even the most simple couch design might look like it was made with diamonds.

You will try out contemporary fabric trends or stick with tried-and-true staples, depending on whatever aesthetic best suits your preferences and lifestyle.

Sofa fabrics may be deceptive to judge from a picture alone on the Internet, so it’s important to carefully read the product description before making a purchase.

Get Samples

There’s no substitute for being able to try out different sofas in your living room. It’s easier to know how significant a pattern repetition is or how a fabric will look with your existing lighting in the living room if you have a swatch to compare it to.

If you’re planning a complete remodel of your living area, most stores will provide swatches for free or at a modest cost, which you can then compile with paint and wallpaper samples.

You can ask for the swatches as several furniture stores in Singapore offer the same, but if you prefer the digital realm, several excellent tools may assist you in arranging your design plan.

Final Words

There is no more minor purchase than buying a designer sofa in Singapore. But, like choosing a spouse, you want to ensure you get the right one for your home.

Make sure you have given this purchase a lot of thought and considered what is listed above. Then, find the best furniture store in Singapore and shop the best!