Neon lighting is much popular in the signage industry. The neon sign was invented back in the 19th century by chemist and engineer George Claude. Neon signs are attractive than tube lights, bulbs, and other lightings. This stylish lighting displays texts or symbols in different colors. You can discover neon signs according to different places like window sliding, kitchen or living room and occasions like birthday or christmas.

There are neon signs available for homes, business locations, and events. There are two types of neon signs available: traditional neon signs and LED neon lights signs. In this article, we will talk about their differences, and you can also check about custom neon signs:

About Traditional Glass Neon Light Signs

The invention of the traditional neon signs happened back in the 1900s. These neon wall art signs have glass tubes containing neon gas and electrodes. These tubes are bent into different shapes and letters. Many inert gases are also required to create a multicolor neon sign.

Traditional glass neon signs works after the glass tubes are attached to a power source. A glass neon sign starts to glow when the electricity flows through the neon gas in the glass tube. Traditional neon signs are available in different colors and designs.

About LED Neon Signs

LED neon signs look like traditional glass neon signs, but they are different. LED neon signs have energy-efficient LED lights and PVC tubing. They do not require glass-like conventional neon signs. Many people also shifted from traditional neon signs to best quality LED neon signs. LED neon signs are made using the latest technology.

You can also control its lighting through remote control. A LED neon sign comes with acrylic backing and pre-drilled holes for easy installation. You can also use an LED custom neon sign made as per your preference as they are best for decoration or to generate free advertising.

Difference Between Traditional And LED Neon Signs

Many people wonder which type of neon sign they should buy for their space. Below, you can check the differences between traditional glass and LED neon signs:

  • Energy Efficiency

LED neon signs indeed require less electricity to add glow to a space. On the other hand, traditional glass neon signs need more energy to light up a place. LED neon signs are also eco-friendly than glass neon signs.

  • Safety

Traditional neon signs contain gases that are harmful to us. Also, they have risks of damage as they have glass. On the other hand, LED lighting signs have quality materials like LED lights and PVC tubing. They do not use hazardous gases or glass.

  • Installation

You have to stay careful to install a traditional neon sign made from glass. You have to find a specific place due to its risk of damage. On the other hand, LED neon signs are easy to install in any space. They are not easily breakable, so you can install them anywhere you want.

  • Durability

LED neon signs are long-lasting than glass neon signs. You can use a LED premade or custom neon light sign for around six to seven years. Also, traditional glass neon signs require more maintenance than LED neon signs.

  • Affordability

Traditional glass neon signs are expensive to use for any space. LED neon signs are affordable than glass neon signs. There is no headache of maintenance and replacement with a LED neon sign.

Customization Of Neon Sign

You can also create a personalised neon light sign for your space. It is best to invest your money in custom LED neon signs as they are better than glass neon signs. Custom neon creation is much easy through an online neon shop. You can use their customization tool to buy neon signs as per your preference.

You can choose any font, color, and size for the custom sign. You can create neon quote signs, neon dreams signs, neon logo signs, and more. You can customize a neon sign for your home, office, bar, restaurant, cafe, club, wedding, birthday, and party.

Online Shopping Of LED Neon Lights Signs

You can buy LED neon signs from online neon shops. Here, you will get variety in the neon signs. They also sell the LED neon signs at affordable prices than offline stores. You can also customize a neon sign at lower prices. It is also safe to purchase neon signs from trusted and well-known online neon shops. There is convenience in online shopping of LED neon signs as you will get them at your doorstep.

Online neon shops deliver LED neon signs in different countries globally making your home beautiful. You will also get excellent customer service from online neon shops.