A beautiful front garden is the epitome of a welcoming home. Are you thinking of spicing up your front garden for the next homeowner or simply improve your curb appeal? A landscape and driveway expert can help you achieve your needs with a wide range of beautifying options. Below are eight options to make your front garden beautiful.

1. Invest in Pots and Containers

Plant pots bring your garden up to your doorstep, adding color and interest in a desirable way. Rustic baskets are ideal options for planting herbs and flowers that can beautify your front garden. Fortunately, these baskets are lightweight, making them portable in case you want to switch up last minute.

2. Add Lighting Features

Landscape lightings are highly affordable, and most are solar-powered. As such, you can simply choose your preferred lighting color and install the lights on your driveways to help light up your front garden at night. Contact our driveways Essex experts to help you choose and install beautiful and practical front garden or driveway lights.

3. Install an Arch

Arches have long since been gracing beautiful commercial gardens, typically hosting weddings. Why not try installing over in your front garden and watch how your curb appeal transforms to elegance and beauty. Talk to our professional landscape gardeners in Essex to help train hedging plants like yew to form an evergreen arch. Alternatively, you can purchase and install a ready-made version.

4. Plant A Shade Tree

Planting a native hardwood tree in your front garden that ensures beautiful fall colors or bright spring blossoms will add an impressive exterior aesthetic appeal for the seasons to come and will also help you to sell fresh food online. This is a great way to make some extra pocket money.

5. Plant a Climber

If you have limited exterior space and want to plant, try focusing your attention on your walls. Climbers, for example, a climbing rose, are ideal for helping you hide unattractive property features.

6. Install a Birdbath

If you are an ardent bird lover, installing bird-friendly fixtures can help spice up your garden and simultaneously attract more beautiful winged visitors. A birdbath is an exciting and practical way to add a water feature without the struggle of water connections and maintenance.

7. Install an Unusual Gate

An unusual rustic gate is an ideal way to add character to your front garden. Viable options include greenwood, sweet chestnut, and oak. A quirky gate should beg for your visitor’s curiosity effortlessly and add a long-lasting aesthetic appeal.

8. Build Flower Beds around Trees

If your front garden has a tree, you can add a flower garden that gives the place a whole new character and feel. You can match the flower beds with the ones in front of your home. Contact our garden landscapers in Essex to help you build flower beds around your trees. Now imagine, its winter and you are enjoying binge-watching your favorite shows.

Bottom Line

A beautiful front garden increases aesthetic appeal and improves property value. With the help of an expert gardener or exterior home designer, you can drastically change your front garden’s look. Creative Paving Essex is a leading home improvement company focusing on helping homeowners improve their homes’ curb appeal. Contact us for consultation or to access our landscaping, paving, and driveways Essex services.