All homeowners want to make their space unique and feel like home. And with the surplus of prefabricated homes and common designs on the market today, this makes for a huge need for renovation professionals to install vivint cameras or get the walls decked up.

As a home renovation contractor, you’ll be the person responsible for beautifying a home and making it fit your customer’s specific standards. And this type of work, if you’re highly skilled, can earn you a great reputation within your local community.

But as with all business endeavors, in order to be successful, you’re going to need to market yourself effectively in order to gain maximum visibility, land clients, and collect a paycheck.

The great news is that marketing today is daily simple with all of the digital tools widely available. And by learning these tools, you’ll quickly be able to make a name for yourself and start landing steady work.

Here, we’ll explore a few time-tested marketing tools and tips to help you succeed in the world of home renovations.

Local Resources

Before you’re going to be able to get your business up and running successfully, you’re going to have to start networking with people in your local community. After all, you’re going to be performing hands-on work and working directly with people. So the best way to begin this is to get out and start interacting.

Most local resources that you’ll want to start taking advantage of first include your local chamber of commerce, community leaders, neighborhood associations, and others who work within the contracting space.

Such colleagues may include:

  • City planners
  • Restoration societies
  • Electricians
  • Construction professionals
  • Plumbers
  • Architects
  • Roofing specialists
  • HOA managers

Though there will be quite a few more professionals in your local community that you’ll want to network with, beginning with this shortlist is sure to get you started with the best slidings and other things.

Additionally, you’ll also want to advertise locally as well. You can do this on local radio stations, TV stations, local billboards, and any other local advertising agency that might be operating within your area.

On-Site Advertising

One of the best ways to gain exposure and interest is to advertise on-site, wherever you’re performing work.

For example, if you just landed a job renovating a historic building, you’ll already have the advantage of people taking notice of the building as they’re passing by. Setting up signage around the property advertising your renovation services is a great way to get added visibility.

Additionally, driving to and from your job site in a professional work truck complete with a logo displaying your logo and business name is also a great method for advertising. This way, people on the road will see your logo and identify you with renovation work.

And even if you don’t have a professional work truck at this point in your professional life, you can always rent one temporarily, adding a magnetic logo to the sides of the vehicle to facilitate advertising.

Social Media Marketing

Today, a large number of people look for products, services, and recommendations online. And many individuals do this through social media.

Social media allows others to engage with their friends and others that they know and trust. Even though many people on social media are friends with those that they don’t know at all, this is also a means for many to find products and services that they otherwise wouldn’t have knowledge of.

Setting up a social business profile takes little time and effort. And as long as you can network consistently, sharing quality content with your followers, others will share your posts and engage with you online.

At the end of the day, social media is simply a way to add a digital voice to your marketing efforts within the online community. And this can enable you to land jobs outside of your local community, which in turn can help you broaden your reach.

Offer Incentives for Referrals

Perhaps some of the best and most organic marketing comes from word of mouth. And as long as you produce quality work, the word about your services can spread throughout the community.

Another great way to use this word-of-mouth advertising strategy is to offer incentives for your customers to share your name with others who might be looking for home renovation work.

For example, you can offer a cash incentive for any referral that lands you a job. Or, you can offer a discount on future services. Basically, as long as you’re offering your customers an incentive to spread the good word about your name, you’ll be able to count on getting a few new leads this way.

Additionally, along with referrals, you could also offer a first-time customer discount as an incentive for a client to use your renovation services.

Marketing yourself is all about creativity, consistency, and offering value to the members of your local community. And remember, making sure you do quality work and presenting yourself professionally at all times is sure to help establish your reputation.