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One of the most common problems most households experience is a leaking water heater. Since the smallest trickle from your water heater can turn out to be a significant problem, it is vital to know the likely cause of these problems and potential solutions. Here are seven common reasons why water heaters leak.

Loose or broken drain valve

The drain valve, used for cleaning and emptying the tank, is the first spot that most professional plumbers like Mr. Plumber Indy will check if you have a water leak. If the leak comes from the drain valve’s base, this is an indication that the component is no longer watertight, and a replacement might be necessary. However, if the valve is not loose at the base, a simple tightening might solve the problem.

Too much pressure within the tank

Like most plumbing fixtures, your water heater has to deal with naturally occurring pressure, and if the buildup becomes too high, you will start noticing water leaks. While it is a plumbing fiction that excessive pressure will cause your water heater to explode, it does lead to huge cracks and loose parts that might necessitate you to get a new tank.

Loose inlet and outlet connections

Your water heater’s inlet and outlet connections will get loose over time, causing leaks that are best fixed by tightening these connections to keep your home intact. If these problems cannot be fixed with a wrench, you might have to replace the faulty pipeline.

Faulty temperature and pressure relief valve

A malfunctioning temperature and pressure relief valve is also a common cause of water leaks. If this is the underlying cause of the problem, you will notice water leaking from the side of your tank, and it is best rectified by getting a new temperature and pressure relief valve.

Sediment buildup

If you go too long without cleaning your water heater, it will gradually collect sediment at the bottom of the tank. Over time, this buildup will cause erosion destroying the tank and leading to cracks that allow water to leak. The best way to avoid this problem is by properly maintaining your hot water system and paying extra attention to the state of your tank.

Old storage tank

If your water heater is older than 15 years, your storage tank is probably at the end of its life and most likely has several leaks due to rust and corrosion. If this is the cause of your water heater leaks, the only thing you can do is to replace your old storage tank.

Corroded anode rod

The anode rod helps remove corrosive components in your water tank by acting as a sacrificial component. Once this rod completely corrodes, your water tank will not have any protection, and these substances will erode the tank until cracks form and water starts leaking. You can avoid all this with a simple anode rod replacement before the corrosion gets out of hand.


You must never ignore water heater leaks regardless of how minor the problem might seem on the ring camera, and for fast and efficient repairs, always call professional plumbers to resolve these problems.