Accent lighting is also referred to as highlighting. It is when you direct light onto a specific object in order to draw attention to it. Perhaps the best example of this is the way that paintings are illuminated in an art gallery.

Accent lighting can be used inside or outside your home and when done properly it can create a stunning effect. However, it isn’t as simple as mounting a light that points at the object you want to see, there are three techniques that will help you get the accent lighting right.

Professional Wiring

You may not realize it but there are strict rules and regulations regarding changing electrics in your home. In most cases, you’ll need to use the services of a qualified electrician Sydney. This is certainly the case if you are adding accent lighting regardless of whether you can add it to an existing circuit or need to create a new one.

The regulations are designed to protect you from harm and f you ignore them you could invalidate your insurance.

Avoid Direct Light

When highlighting an item or using accent lighting you must never shine a light directly onto the object, unlike the neon lights. It will create shine and glare which will ruin the effect and distort the view of your focus piece.

You’ll need to choose between a spotlight mounted on the wall and downlighters.

The spotlight can be above or to the side but should never be below as it is more likely to blind people looking at the object. It should project an even blanket of light across the item.

Downlighters are a nice touch as one can be positioned directly above the feature, creating a natural accent lighting that is still effective. Downlighters can also make it easier to create the illusion of darkness just before the accent lighting, highlighting your feature even more.

One Per Wall

Unless you are lighting an art gallery or have huge walls, you need to stick to the one per wall rule. In fact, in smaller spaces, it can be advisable to choose one per room. That’s a personal call depending on the space you have available.

You simply need to remember that the accent lighting calls attention to the feature. If you have too many features in a small space people won’t know where to look. That will ruin the effect.

The best way to choose your accent lighting is to enter the room and see where your eyes are naturally drawn. This is the ideal spot for a piece of art or a sentimental item that you want to highlight.

Don’t be afraid to play around with the position before you have the light professionally added, this will ensure you get a perfect position.

Implement the above techniques and you’ll quickly discover how effective accent lighting is and how well it can transform any room. Don’t forget, you can change the strength of the bulb to get just the right amount of illumination.