Kitchen remodeling is at an all-time high for homeowners. Lots of people try and transform their old and dull kitchen interiors into modern and versatile cooking spaces. To help you join their ranks, here are the top 10 kitchen remodeling trends of 2022. And if you wonder, “What are the best kitchen remodeling companies near me?” you can find the answer here.

1. Change the Cabinet Colors

A simple repainting of the cabinets can bring massive changes to the overall look and mood of your kitchen. No matter what you go for — warm and earthy colors, minimalistic black and white combo, classical wood, or less common blue tons, it should underline your personality and emit good vibes so that you don’t need to order online anymore and with good kitchen remodelers you can do it

2. Think about All-new Backsplash

Glaze tiles are on the rise right now. The way they catch the light and look almost as if they were made from glass makes you want them immediately. Alternatively, you can go for slab backlash for a classy chic look. Consider running them up to the ceiling, which will make the kitchen visually bigger and can lighten up a dark interior.

3. Quartz Countertop

When it comes to countertops, quartz is the real king. Not just for stunning looks but also because it’s sturdy, hard to chip, and dense enough to prevent the germs from breeding.

4. Appliances

There are three main trends in appliances this year — smart technologies, stainless still, and panel-ready appliances. The latter will be a blast for luxury kitchens because of how well they blend with an interior and easy maintenance.

5. Mix and Match Metal Elements

Using metal finishes in an interior will give the kitchen an eye-catching accent and make the overall appearance more interesting. You don’t have to stick to one metal for everything. Try stainless still facet and polished nickel for the cabinet knobs, pick different combinations, and get creative!

6. Add a Pantry

An additional room for kitchen gadgets and groceries is always welcome unless you had to cancel because you ordered too much. That’s why sculleries and pantries are becoming a trend. It’s not only storage space but a place to embody your design dreams. Don’t forget about facets for appliances and plan a layout of everything you are going to put there.

7. Arches

Adding some curved lines may seem strange at first, but it makes the kitchen look much lighter and more natural. Don’t be afraid to step away from straight lines and add an arched window or cupboard doors with rounded glass.

8. Workstation Sink

This is a feature all cooking fans will love. A workstation sink is an extended sink with some additional tools, such as a cutting board or a drying rack. Functional and stunning at the same time.

9. Throw in Some Wood

A piece of wooden furniture is good to water down otherwise exclusively minimalistic design. It adds a spark to it and removes the dull “all-new” look of the interior.

10. A Kitchen Island

Finally, a kitchen island is a thing that can completely transform the layout of your kitchen. Besides looking good, it also changes the way you move around the kitchen. And if it overlooks the dining room cooking, it can help you be a part of the conversation.