It is a busy world with busy people engaged in chaos and rush. There are jam-packed schedules, meetings, pressure, and whatnot.

Home is a place to rest and slump down in peace. One craves a happy family time where all spend time together.

Friends and family love to hang out, meet, greet and chill. And why not have a perfect outdoor space for this. Like most picturesque paintings & artworks, you can have your backyards like a canvas to paint your dreams.

These outdoor living structure designs will give you a place to be. They will also lift your space with happy vibes. Besides, the absolute comfort they offer is unmatched.

Planning Outdoor Structures

Outdoors is the place where you set your mood right. A magnificent design Rollac outdoor structure certainly has the power to bring in a lot of positive energy and happiness. And it is equally important to plan and pick the right things, as the wrong picks can reverse the effect.

Here are a few architectural creations to match your needs and dreams that includes thermostats


It can be your best pick if you are looking for a place that offers a private enclosed location for absolute solitude. It is sure to make a haven at the end of the day. If we talk about its origin history, the Chinese used to have this as a viewing pavilion.

The structure is unique and known for its extensive view in all directions. A mere garden house won’t be called a Gazebo for the same reason. One should analyze the size, location, style, etc., before having a gazebo to make a perfect fit in your yard.

Outdoor Pavilion

This pavilion is for the host or hostess at heart or frequently party hosts. It is also perfect for get-togethers, as this is the most befitting structure. This pavilion would make an addition to the assets in your home.

Barbeques & grills are an inevitable part of parties these days. And what a better place than an outdoor pavilion to have a barbeque night and dance around. It beautifies your landscape and gives you an additional location to dine with family or peacefully enjoy the leisure of reading. It has an open roof structure with walls.


Do you want to enhance the aesthetics of your backyard? Then, get on these structures to add elegance and beauty to your home. When space constraints exist, you can consider it your best buy without a Sodexo card.

It is an extension of the living space and allows to spend more time outdoors.

Compared to other outdoor shade structures, Pergolas are more pocket friendly and affordable. In addition, they require minimal maintenance and can also be easy DIY.

Looking into the origin of Pergolas, this decorative outdoor living structure was in vogue during the times of privileged ancient Egyptians to escape from the scorching sun. These also served as outdoor extensions to the wealthy Romans in their Villas. People constructed them using smooth stone pillars to grow grapevines for winemaking.

All these make a perfect spot for family and friends, be it a gazebo, pergola, or pavilion. It’s equally important to make the right choices as it shouldn’t look out of place, mismatched or awkward. Cautiously picking the structures can save your pocket yet add beauty to your cozy home.

Outdoor Structure’s Location and Shape

Placement is an inevitable factor when it comes to getting these structures built. You can use your front or back yard to construct these structures based on spatial availability and style.

Since all structures are identical, you can consider getting the customization done well. The shape of the building is also one factor that affects your choice.

A gazebo can be the right choice if you want an outdoor structure that would fit into an oval, rectangular or octagonal space. A pergola or outdoor pavilion serves well if the designated area is a square or a rectangle.

The Structure’s Functionality

One can never miss out on the functionality of the construction. So, let us list the requirements for picking the best outdoor living structure.

Your perfect place should have a fireplace, supply of electricity, provision to prepare food, and bug protection. In addition, it should have shade and the ability to accommodate several people. These factors can help you decide the structure you should plan.

Style and Material Used

A modern house can’t have a traditional structure & traditional houses will not accommodate an up-to-date outdoor formation. So, it’s significant to make the right choice of style. Whether you want the arrangement to be a mere complementary addition or serve a functional requirement is a question to be answered:

  • To suggest, traditional homes & farmhouses can have Gazebos or wooden pavilions. But, on the other hand, wooden pergolas, pavilions & heavy timber gazebos match the rustic houses.
  • Majestic homes can have timber frame pavilions, while vinyl pergolas & pavilions would add beauty to modern homes and Mediterranean Homes. Vinyl pavilions topped with metal roofing can make the best choice for tropical areas.

However, these are mere suggestions, and the taste of each one is different. Thus, styles can significantly differ from one home to another. The construction material of the outdoor structures can be wood, vinyl, or timber.

Each of these materials has its pros and cons, and to help you understand better; we’ve listed some of them below:

Wood: It is a more affordable material when compared to vinyl. You can paint wood in several colors with ease. It is rustic and more traditional. However, it requires regular maintenance and re-staining every 2-5 years. The chances of splintering are high on constant exposure to sun and rain.

Vinyl: The advantage of having vinyl is that it requires little to minimal maintenance. It needs no painting, sealing, or re-painting. Cleaning is also very easy for vinyl. But it is heavy on pockets, and color choices are restricted. In addition, though easy to clean, dirt and algae are more visible on vinyl.

Timber Frame: This can be a ‘Wow factor’ to the structure and copes well with all seasonal changes. It is one of the most ancient styles and has remarkable elegance. However, this is the most expensive material that one can use.


For anyone looking for architects to craft the most beautiful, elegant, and magnificent structures, these ideas can be the to-do-things. To match all needs and dreams, you can customize our outdoor demands. These ideas and options are pocket-friendly, and you will love them!