Being connected to the internet but having no internet access is like a rite of passage for any subscriber. The same thing happens no matter the ISP (Internet Service Provider) choice, and if you’re a Comcast Xfinity subscriber, you’re at the right place looking for the right answers.

When our device says that our Xfinity Wi-Fi is connected, but there’s no internet access, we can try a couple of fixes. But first, we need to understand the reasons behind having no internet access.

Wi-Fi Connected But no Internet Access Reasons

The general reasons our Wi-Fi is connected but there’s no internet access are that it’s being blocked by our security software, the adapter driver is outdated and it isn’t working correctly, or the device providing internet access is damaged due to which your dramacool is interrupted.

There are other possibilities, such as power interruptions, faulty nodes, overloaded cache, and temporary data, etc. We’ve addressed all these issues and provided fixes for all of them.

Blocked by antivirus

It’s not uncommon for our antivirus software to cause multiple bugs across our platform. It can be a simple bug that’s preventing you from connecting to a game server, or it can be something related to our internet access.

There’s a ton of things that can happen. Sometimes, even playing a LAN (Local Area Network) multiplayer game can be challenging because our firewall is preventing us from connecting to the other devices in the network.

Outdated adapter driver

The most common root of our connectivity problems is an outdated device driver. When the adapter is operating on an outdated driver, we can experience random disconnects like unblock from kickass torrent, no internet access, no Wi-Fi signal at all, etc.

Damaged modem or cables

If you have a damaged modem, gateway, or router, contact your ISP to get an upgrade or a replacement. However, there might be something faulty with the cables if they’re old. Sometimes getting a new device with new cables is inevitable.

Cache and temp pile-up

When we don’t regularly maintain our device and clean all the unnecessary data on it, issues occur. It’s not uncommon to forget about a regular cache and temp data clean-up. That’s why many apps do this task and serve as a reminder as well.

Xfinity WiFi Connected But no Internet Access Fixes

Knowing the most common reasons our Xfinity Wi-Fi is connected, but there’s no internet access, we can focus on fixing the issue. There are a few things we can try to solve the error. We can try fixing it through the Xfinity My Account app, or we can try disabling the antivirus software.

Other solutions include changing the cables, clearing the cache memory, using the troubleshooter, running a few tests, or doing a good old-fashioned network reset. If everything fails, we can do a factory reset on the Xfinity device.

Xfinity My Account app

The Xfinity Wi-Fi connected but no internet access issue can be fixed through the app. We need to go to the app and tap on the Internet section. You’ll be able to select the device that you want to troubleshoot.

Tap on the Troubleshoot button when you select the device that’s having the problem. Then, we need to select Start Troubleshooting. After that, there’s going to be a prompt, and we need to tap on Restart Device.

There’s going to be another prompt where you need to tap on Yes if the issue is resolved. So, if you have internet access, tap on Yes. If there’s no internet access, tap on No, and you’ll have other steps available.

Disable antivirus

Disabling your antivirus is something that can fix the issue. To do it for Windows 10, we need to click on the Start button. From there, go to Settings and Update & Security. We need to go to Windows Security and select Virus and threat protection.

Once there, we need to go to Manage settings. Finally, just switch off the Real-time protection. There you have it. This might resolve the issue for you, but it’s not a permanent solution. Also, Windows Defender isn’t the usual antivirus software that causes issues.

If you have another antivirus, disable it, and everything should work just fine.

Power supply and wires

Checking the power supply and the wires is one of the first steps when troubleshooting the device providing internet access. If you notice that the power supply is interrupted when you move the cable around a little, it’s necessary to change the cable.

Clearing cache memory

To clear the cache and temporary files, we need to access Settings from the Start menu. Then, we need to click on System, and on the left pane, you can notice the Storage button. Once we click on it, there are going to be three major categories, Apps & features, OneDrive, and Temporary files.

We need to click on Temporary files, check all the boxes you’d like to remove and click on Remove files. Once you do this, the temporary files should be cleared up, and everything should work correctly.

Network troubleshooter

Another thing we can do when our Xfinity Wi-Fi is connected but there’s no internet access is use the automatic troubleshooter. We need to go to Settings, and then we need to go to Network & Internet.

Select Change adapter options. When a window pops up, we need to right-click on our wireless network adapter. There, we need to select Diagnose, and that should start the troubleshooter. The troubleshooter is going to go through all the steps to fix your internet connection.

Test the connection

There are two tests we can run to see if something isn’t right with our connection. These are the two tests we can do:

  • Ping test: Go to the Search box next to the start menu button. Type cmd, and open the first result. Once you do that, type ping -t (you can also type to see how much data you’re losing.

Hit Enter, and wait for a few minutes. Press Ctrl + C, and the test will stop with the results. If there’s any data loss, contact your ISP to have your IP (Internet Protocol) address refreshed.

  • Traceroute: We can run this test on the same web address. Simply follow the same steps until you open the Command Prompt. After that, type tracert, and hit Enter.

This way, we’ll see all the routes that a data packet takes, and then we’ll notice if something’s off with the route the packet is taking. We should contact our ISP in that case, and see what’s wrong.

Xfinity factory reset

The best and sure way to do a factory reset is to locate the Reset button on the back of the gateway. We need to hold it for at least 30 seconds until the light turns off. Once the gateway restarts, the settings should be back to default.


There are plenty of reasons our Xfinity Wi-Fi could be connected but there’s no internet access, and we can identify almost all of them. When we identify them, we can fix them easily. There are a lot of things we can do to troubleshoot the issue.

If none of the fixes work, we can always try to do a factory reset of our device. Finally, if we’re stuck with the issue, it might be good to contact support and see whether they can help us with it.