Why Use Direct Mail Marketing as a Realtor & How to Use It Right

Just like in any other profession, real estate industry experts have to put a lot of emphasis on marketing if they want to achieve any good results nowadays. And, that’s not new at all. Ever since trade became a thing, marketing was done in one way or another. It’s the techniques that change, but the core premise always remains the same. Succeeding without investing in proper advertising is impossible.

Now, speaking of the techniques that are changing, we can’t deny the fact that everyone is focusing more on the online world today, leading real estate agents to invest more in digital marketing, while often neglecting some of the old-school methods that still work. Sure, some of those old-school techniques no longer function for this particular industry, but that doesn’t mean that we should shun them all and turn solely to the online world, while ignoring the offline one altogether. A combination of both worlds is the best thing for everyone, including real estate professionals.

One of the old-school techniques that is still quite effective nowadays is called direct mail marketing and realtors should definitely learn how to use it to their advantage, aiming at making the most out of it and getting great results with their campaigns. Not having used this strategy before, you might be a bit confused as to what it is and what its benefits are. And, of course, you may also be unsure of how to actually use the strategy the right way. All great and important questions, aren’t they?

And, you certainly need to get the answers. Finding out what direct mail marketing is and how it really works will give you a better idea on the entire concept and on the usefulness of this strategy. Learning about its benefits will help you understand why introducing it to your overall marketing strategy is a must. And, of course, figuring out how to use it the right way will help you gain great success by leveraging direct mail marketing, and ultimately make more sales, which is basically the goal you’ll have in mind from the start. So, let’s begin answering those questions for you.

What Is Direct Mail Marketing?

While it may be less common today, direct mail marketing is still a rather effective technique used to attract clients outside the digital world. It is used to attract offline prospects by sending marketing materials, well, directly to their mail, instead of their e-mail inboxes. This type of physical correspondence and the ability of prospects to physically interact with the materials they get makes the strategy highly engaging and useful.

Benefits of Direct Mail Marketing for Realtors

How useful is it really for real estate agents? What is it that you can achieve with this particular strategy? Or, more precisely, what are the benefits of direct mail marketing for realtors? This will help you figure out how you can benefit this old-school technique can be for the work you’re doing today, in the modern world.

Here’s why direct mail marketing still works in the digital world: https://www.canadapost-postescanada.ca/blogs/business/marketing/5-reasons-why-direct-mail-marketing-works/

It Is Targeted and It Is Trackable

Being targeted and trackable, this is essentially one of the most effective and most powerful advertising methods nowadays. The fact that it’s targeted means you’re not sending mailers and advertisements to just anybody, but to specific people that could be attracted by the offers you have to make. Basing your target audience on specific traits, demographics, behavioral factors and similar things, you’ll get to pinpoint the most likely real estate buyers and sellers in your area, allowing you to target them specifically. By doing so, you are increasing your chances of getting hired by potential buyers and sellers, which is your ultimate goal.

Without tracking the results of your advertising campaign, you won’t know what worked and what may need to be changed, and that’s something you certainly need to know if you want to improve the campaign the next time. Using dedicated URL pages, QR codes, offering coupons and sending reply cards. Those are only some of the methods you can use to track the performance of your direct mail marketing campaigns, meaning you’ll easily get the insights you need when wondering which aspects need to be further improved for your next campaign.

It Is Fast and Affordable

Working with a reliable printing company will make this strategy both fast and affordable, allowing you to invest your time and your money into other aspects of your business. Compared to magazine ads, radio ads or similar campaigns, direct mail costs far less, so you won’t exactly break the bank by investing in it. And, most importantly, once you create the perfect campaign, which you can learn how to do with the help of this useful source, it will be highly cost effective, meaning that you’ll get a great return on your investment, making this strategy even more affordable and appealing.

It Helps Establish Yourself as an Expert Local Realtor

By getting your name out there and into people’s mailboxes, you’ll eventually establish yourself as an expert local realtor. So, even if the people you’ve targeted don’t quite need your services at this particular moment, they might need them in the future. And, when they do, your name will pop to mind, leading them to contacting you and working with you.

Word of Mouth Should Not Be Underestimated

Apart from the people you’re targeting becoming potential customers, you can’t forget the fact that they may have friends or family members in need of real estate services as well. And, word out mouth goes a long way in helping realtors win clients. By investing in a direct mail marketing campaign, you’ll make people remember you and they will, then, recommend you to other people as well, thus increasing your pool of opportunities without you even lifting a finger.

How to Use this Strategy the Right Way

Understanding the importance of direct mail campaigns is one thing, but understanding how to actually use the strategy to your advantage is another. Not using the strategy the right way won’t lead to much success, and you definitely want your campaign to be successful. So, let me share some tips that will absolutely help you create the perfect campaign and benefit from direct mail.

Think of the Timing

Pitching at the right time is half of the work that needs to be done. It can make a huge difference in your overall success. For realtors, summers are usually busiest, meaning you should ramp up your direct mail marketing efforts during that season. That’s the season during which most people tend to move houses, due to favorable weather conditions. Plus, families often choose summer because school is over and their kids won’t have to miss out.

Identify Proper Target Audience

Without proper targeting, your campaign won’t work. Identifying the target audience will lead to great successes when it comes to this strategy, meaning you’ll get the perfect return on investment and you’ll be able to attract more potential clients and possibly become their realtor. For example, targeting people entering adulthood is a good idea, because that’s when they’ll begin thinking about making changes in their lives and about buying their first property.

Remember That Content Matters

Putting just any content in people’s mails won’t have the desired effect. Sure, one of the main goals is to get the people to remember your name for when they need it, but if the content is dull, irrelevant or spammy, they are highly likely to just toss the material in the thrash without even taking a look. Content matters and that’s one thing to always remember when trying to invest in a proper direct mail marketing campaign. Make the content informative, useful and engaging for best results.

Set a Goal

Getting great results depends on the goal you have. So, setting a goal before launching your campaign is a must. This is also important for success tracking, because a clear goal will help you not only craft the perfect strategy towards achieving it, but also track the success of the campaign more easily.

Don’t Forget a CTA

You want the people you target to take some kind of action after they receive the materials you’ve sent. That doesn’t necessarily have to mean that you want them to pick up their phones and call you. Yet, a certain Call to Action has to be present in the materials, leading people towards, perhaps, visiting your website and leaving their contact information through a form. You decide on the CTA, but remember not to leave it out.

Give Incentives

Giving discounts, coupons and any other kinds of incentives will certainly appeal to the readers. Comparing real estate agents is common practice for people when they need the services of these professionals. So, you need to give them a reason to pick you over your competitors, and those incentives can certainly influence their decision.