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Rental property decorating is not like decorating your own house. While home restoration projects allow you to express your personality and establish your unique style, decorating a rental requires you to produce something that appeals to prospective tenants while keeping it cost-effective. It’s a tricky balancing act.

Certain factors must be met to achieve the ideal rental home design, and they are as follows:

1. Hire An Interior Designer

If you don’t have days to prepare and decorate or live far away from your rental units, hire interior designers away.

Hiring commercial interior designers to decorate your property can be a wise decision. A competent interior designer can help you channel your thoughts and convert them into something beautiful. They can transform your property into a relaxing and inviting getaway for you and possible renters. They use advanced interior design tools that help them do the job faster, easier, and with less hassle – and headache. Often, they don’t need to look for new items or research how to execute certain tasks or finishes.

Moreover, it’s entirely possible to hire an interior designer on a budget. Consider your financial situation and how much you can spend; not how much you want to spend. Be realistic and honest. Budgeting properly is the most critical aspect of the entire process.

2. Invest In Quality Furniture

You will always need basic furniture; a bed, living room sets, a dining table, etc. Invest in quality furniture and quality appliances that will last for many years while keeping your budget in mind. Investing in something nice you can take with you is better than buying cheap disposable stuff you dislike. You don’t have to buy furniture, but make sure you get something you’ll live forever.

If you can’t afford top-quality furniture right now, consider renting some important things. Or, buy good pieces in installments. After all, you will own them eventually.

3. Opt For Minimalism

Minimalism is trendy now. A minimalist approach to interior design will appeal to potential tenants who value simplicity.

But that’s not the only reason to choose minimalist interior design. A minimalist design allows residents to decorate their apartments how they choose, as long as they don’t break the lease. Minimalism can also help you attract tenants.

Plus, minimalism means less spending. The less you have to purchase to decorate a place, the better.

4. Choose Paint Colors Accordingly

Choosing the appropriate wall paint is important. It is best to go with a neutral color like white or beige. Color preferences vary, so a strong red or green may not appeal to everybody. To avoid staining or fading the neutral walls, choose a silk finish rather than a matte finish. Silk finish paint is easier to clean and lasts longer. Adding colors through touches like carpet, the right type of lighting, cushions, and indoor plants will do the trick.

5. Work On The Curb Appeal

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First impressions last. If the exterior of your property is in poor condition, a prospective tenant may be hesitant to enter. The following are some low-cost techniques to improve your property’s curb appeal:

  • Replacing broken banisters, chipped paint, and torn window screens
  • Remove weeds, garbage, and rubbish from the area.
  • Have a space for rubbish and recycling containers, which ideally should be out of sight
  • Add a few plants to your doorway or outdoor space to create an appealing, lived-in atmosphere.6

6. Give A lot Of Thought When Designing The Kitchen

The kitchen is undoubtedly the most important space, and it’s often the deciding factor for tenants. Building kitchen cabinets and countertops is a great idea. You should also complete the necessary electrical work to easily install kitchen equipment. The kitchen’s color, design, and flooring must be carefully chosen like wall paint. People’s tastes in kitchens differ. So, stick to neutrals like cream and white. Even if you add some color to the kitchen, make sure it is bright. Use materials that are easy to clean.

7. Know Your Competition

A simple method to improve your property is to emphasize its features. Examine local papers, real estate offices, and house for rent listing sites such as Craigslist and see what you can do to make your property attractive. From doorbells to home decor, everything has to be perfect. Try to find a property similar to yours in terms of location, price, and features.

You should not compete in the kitchen if your property is ten years old and your competitors are brand new. Instead, highlight the apartment’s floor-to-ceiling windows for maximum exposure. Have a great balcony or backyard patio? Near public transit? Highlight those to stand out.


Keep these ideas in mind as you prepare your rental property. While you certainly want it to seem good, keep in mind that you should avoid going overboard and overspending. Contact the interior designers if you need help setting up your property.