Digital marketing is a must-have for any business that wants its message heard. It’s no surprise, then, when offline tactics began to seem outdated compared to digital ones like social media or email campaigns or running ads on sites like Dramacool and Kickass torrent.

Mailing postcards may be an old-school method of advertising, but they still work.

Postcards are great for generating leads and building relationships. As a result, postcard marketing still has an important place in local advertising spend today at USD 38.5 billion.

Below are our top five real estate postcard ideas.

Market Update Postcards

We all know that real estate is constantly changing, but sometimes it can be hard to keep up with the changes. So if you’re looking for more leads and conversions in your local market, send market update postcards. Each postcard will offer valuable information about the current market conditions in their specific neighborhood.

In addition to providing helpful information, market update postcards make it easier to establish expertise in the area without a bunch of door-knocking.

It’s also worth noting how different you can make your postcard look with a professional design, as well as using the largest postcard size you can find (ideally, 6×9 inches)

Expired Listing Postcards

Expired Listing Postcards are a great way to get the attention of motivated sellers who have recently had trouble with closing the sale of their home. Let them know you’re the perfect agent by sending out postcards tailored to expired listings.

Most people at this point are discouraged and frustrated. But using direct response techniques like those in your expired listing cards will work wonders for getting the job done successfully.

When you’re the expert real estate agent in an area, they are more likely to trust you with turning their expired listing into a sold home. The result is a win-win; you further establish yourself as a trusted Realtor, and they will have the satisfaction of getting their home off the market.

Just Listed Postcards

Despite the advancements of email and social media, there is no replacement for a postcard. Just Listed postcards are still one of the most effective ways to market your property in today’s competitive real estate marketplace. It’s because they work on any level: from major cities like New York or San Francisco all way down to subdivisions near you!

It will let potential sellers know what kind of they could receive for their home, and acts as an extra touch point to establish authority in a particular real estate area. It also enables sellers to showcase themselves on this short but powerful piece of mail that gets delivered straight into someone’s mailbox.

Just Sold Postcards

After your listing closes, a Just Sold postcard serves the same purpose: it informs the other homeowners in the area what the home sold for, and if they decide to list and sell their home, they will want to work with an agent who knows the area!

You want your postcards to be noticed, so they must have a purpose. An excellent way of doing this while promoting your skillset and asking for new clients is by having the card do double duty in function. First, as an advertisement showcasing what you can offer; secondly, ask if there are any leads out there waiting on potential customers!

Holiday Postcards

If you’re a Realtor, the holidays can be challenging. Of course, you want to keep your marketing efforts consistent. That is where a Holiday postcard comes in handy. It may not have much information about real estate, but a colorful Holiday postcard is a great alternative to market update postcards during a time when home sales slow down.

Keys for Sending Real Estate Postcards

Here are the three keys to effectively sending real estate postcards.

Mail Them Consistently

You want to send out your postcards consistently. That means mailing at least once per month every month of the calendar year.

Avoid the temptation to reach a bigger audience with less-consistent mailers.

Use Professional Templates

Real estate professionals who want to establish a professional presence should consider using professional real estate postcard templates. These cards can be printed with your company’s logo and leave potential customers impressed by how authentic you seem at first glance, without even meeting face-to-face!

Be Specific with your Mailing List

Avoid services like USPS EDDM. Every marketer knows that personalization is essential. It’s the little things like adding your name or address to a card and sending it directly so you can ensure they receive the personalized correspondence.

Make sure you send it with their preferences at heart, rather than just an undiscriminating mass mailing of sorts where anyone could potentially get anything.

Final Thoughts

Postcard marketing is an effective way to get your message in front of potential buyers. When looking for suitable postcards, be sure to ask yourself these questions before designing them. Will this design make people want to come to see my property? Is it eye-catching enough to draw attention away from other ads on their mailboxes? Does it have a clear call-to-action that will prompt recipients to take action and contact me about buying or selling a home?

If so, congratulations! You’ve just created a successful real estate postcard campaign.