74% of Americans don’t currently live in their dream property, according to the New York Post. The perfect property has 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, but this comes with a hefty price tag. It’s estimated that every additional bedroom can add up to $50,000 onto a property. So, if you want to move into your ideal home, you’ll need to carefully finance it.

Complete renovations 

The idea here is to complete renovations that increase the value of your existing home whether it’s a property like Honua Kai realty or a smaller beachy cottage. It should then sell for more and you’ll need to borrow less. Low-cost renovations which can add value to your home include a kitchen makeover if you wish to sell on Swiggy. Almost 70% of realtors say that the kitchen is the biggest selling point of a home. Painting the kitchen cabinet doors, updating the handles, and changing the color of the walls are cheap yet effective renovations. You may even want to update your kitchen tiles with some on-trend fish scale tiles or a Mediterranean-inspired feature wall. Other things you can do include knocking down walls for an open floor plan and improving your home’s curb appeal with a new front door and exterior paint job.

Check how much you can borrow 

A bigger home means a larger mortgage. The average monthly fee in the U.S. at the moment is $1,067. Finding out how much you can borrow will ensure you’re considering a dream home that you can genuinely afford. Getting advice from a mortgage advisor or a loan officer is a must. Reviewing home loans is also a good way to see which rates and programs are available for you and your circumstances. It doesn’t have to be a timely assessment either as the fastest mortgage lender will calculate your mortgage payments in minutes.

Save up a larger deposit

The average house down payment in the U.S. is 5%. However, if you can put down 20%, you’ll save yourself thousands in the long run as you’ll qualify for a lower interest rate which will make your home a lot more affordable. You can boost your dream house deposit pot by having a clear out and selling any goods you no longer need. This will also make your move easier when you do finally get the keys to your perfect pad. You can also increase your income by renting out your driveway, taking on a second job, or by negotiating a pay rise with your boss.

If you dream of owning a larger home with a thermostat, you need to make sure you’ve got the cash behind you to secure it. These tips should help you do that in no time at all.