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The real estate market has sprung into life following an enforced lull, and no sector is busier than the vacation home market. The pandemic led to many people reassessing what is important in life, and a vacation home has become a popular choice with an increase in ordering food online. Where should you look for your ideal vacation home? And what are common mistakes you should avoid?

In the following article, we are talking about the wonderful island of the Coast of Texas, South Padre Island, and why it is quickly becoming the destination of choice for vacation property seekers. Let’s start with a brief look at the island itself.

Why South Padre Island, TX?

South Padre Island is a barrier island off the Texas Gulf Coast. It is accessed by a causeway from the mainland town of Port Isabel. The island benefits from the amazing weather that this part of the USA is blessed with and the fabulous waterfront setting of many prime real estate assets.

It’s become popular as a Spring Break destination for students, but what has also pulled in more people lately is an ideal spot from which to watch Elon Musk’s SpaceX launches at Boca Chica. Popular with anglers – and hosting numerous top-class tournaments – the relaxed and welcoming nature of the town itself is part of the appeal for vacation homeowners.

If you check out NextHome on the Coast, you’ll see that South Padre Island has a wide choice of properties and plots available at prices to meet most budgets. Now we want to look at the common mistakes people make when purchasing a vacation here and elsewhere.

Common Real Estate Mistakes on South Padre Island

It is easy to get carried away when looking at vacation properties on this beautiful island, so we’ve listed the most common mistakes made so that you can avoid them. We’ll start with a question that should be the first one you ask: is South Padre Island the place for you?

Not Researching the Location

Researching a location – and visiting it to take in the lie of the land – is essential when you are investing as important as a vacation home along with resetting honeywell thermostat. Is South Padre Island the place you want to visit for your vacations? Or would you prefer a busier and perhaps mainland destination? You need to weigh up the pros and cons and consider the local amenities and facilities, what’s there for the kids if you have a family, how easy it is to get to, and – often overlooked – whether you can rent out your property when you’re not in it. That brings us to the next point.

Not Using a Local Real Estate Agent

You must use a real estate agent who is entirely familiar with South Padre Island and available properties. Local knowledge is simply invaluable when investing in this type. Talk to the local agents and tell them what you are looking for, and they will be able to match you and your desires to a property within your budget.

Choosing the Cheapest Property

Browse any selection of properties for sale, and there’s always one or two that look like bargains. It’s easy to see a cheap property’s dollar signs and savings, but why is it cheap? You need to know where it is in relation to the prime spots – location is important, and a waterfront property is what you should be looking for – as certain areas will be more difficult than others. Don’t jump on the cheapest offer, as you may make a costly mistake. Avoid These Mistakes When Buying Your Vacation Home On South Padre Island .jpg

Not Considering a Building Plot

Many building plots are available across South Padre Island, and if you haven’t considered a self-build, it might be worth your while. The local real estate agents will have local contacts in the construction trade who will quote you a price for your self-build, and it can be a method of getting a property without compromise, designed to your ideals, in a prime location at a reduced price.

Not Getting an Appraisal

Always have your South Padre Island vacation home choice professionally appraised. If you are taking out a mortgage, this may indeed be required by the lender, but even if not, it is a way of ensuring you are not paying over the odds for a house that is not of the requisite quality. Every building has areas that are difficult for you to assess, and a professional appraiser has the expertise and knowledge to see straight away where the property may need improvement. An accurate appraisal is your bargaining tool to get the price to the level you are happy to pay. Talk to the local real estate agent to arrange an appraisal.

Not Listening to Advice

Our final point is this: when talking to agents and other professionals with experience in the local real estate market or construction experts, architects, and others, always take the advice they give you on board. You may be adept at property development, but there is no harm in considering the views of others who know the area, the market, and the properties on sale. Talk to everyone you can in all real estate market areas and listen to what they say, as it could be the key to making the right decision.


There are many reasons why South Padre Island has become a prime vacation destination with families and couples, and the weather plus the oceanside location are primary among them. Not only that, but the availability of beautiful properties and impressive building plots in the best spots on the island is attractive to those who want to let their property when they are not visiting.

Talk to the local real estate agents now about what is available at the moment, and you may soon have your own South Padre Island vacation home to be proud of.