Are you done with the vibrant tulips and thoroughly Dutch windmills? No worries! We got you covered and would suggest to grab a BBC iPlayer subscription. There is no better thing today than subscribing to BBC iPlayer in the Netherlands because the Sports documentaries are the best alternatives to cater to a boring yet avid Sports enthusiast like you!

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To help you sort out the things, we have brought you a not-to-be-missed list of documentaries. These films feature the ill-fated racial abuser in football, moving stories from the wrestling ring, and other thrilling tales from the warriors in the Sports ground.

Shame In The Game – The Ugly Racism in Football

A whirlpool of emotions, rage, despair and devastation, Shame In The Game is a touching yet bitter story highlighting the horrendous spread of filthy Racism in Football in the UK. It narrates how racism has brought players to the brink of life-treating complications. The statistical data shows a 66% hike in hate crimes in professional football games across Wales. It features the boys calling for immediate action to stop the racism monster from causing further damage.

The most horrifying fact revealed is how some senior professionals back this hate crime. The gut-wrenching facts in the film explain the mental trauma the players and their families have endured subject to hate crimes, racism being the mainstream.

Although Shame In The Game has unveiled the dirty secrets, it has still left an open-ended question that asks the authorities,” is there a way to tackle the unlawful deed even after all the root causes have been identified”

Hillsborough – The Fateful April 15

Another documentary on the list that would leave you teary-eyed is Hillsborough.

Hillsborough features the fateful incident that occurred in Hillsborough Football Stadium in Sheffield, Yorkshire, England, on April 15, 1989. The documentary has beautifully narrated the course of events that turned a usual cheerful, enthusiastic day into havoc to which ninety-six people fell pray.

Hillsborough has highlighted the mismanagement of police in the stadium that caused the pandemonium. The horrendous negligence of the police let the situation worsen and escalated the chaos, which led to a stampede killing scores of people and leaving behind many injured.

Investigations further confirmed police mishandled the dead bodies. The bodies were put in body bags and later displayed in the stadium.

Step Into The Ring – The Booster Dose

Drifting away from the heart-wrenching stories, we are now recommending a booster shot! Step Into The Ring! A tale d determination, strength, courage, self-confidence, and the will to work against all odds until things become in your favor.

Step Into The Ring is the tale of a bunch of young Norwich wrestlers. To utter astonishment, you will find an autistic fighter, a Down’s syndrome fighter with big dreams, a deadly-accident-stricken enthusiast who developed a physical disability, blindness, players juggling with anxiety and PTSD, and much more.

This film is a booster ds, an inspirational resource showing how people with mental and physical disabilities have proven themselves to the world.

Spreading positivity, these heroes have shown you can achieve your dreams, no matter what, if you keep trying for them!

Stream BBC iPlayer on your device and watch Step InTo The Ring for much-needed motivation.

The Three Musketeers – Believe in Yourself

The best thing about our list of must-watches is the diversity in content. Here we present the most entertaining, inspirational, and educational story, The Three Muskateers! It is one of the best watches on BBC iPlayer in the Netherlands.

Recharge your motivational battery. Three Muskateers makes you believe in hard work. The documentary assures you that despite of humble upbringing, you can still thrive if you work hard and polish your skills. It features the three giants of all time, David Beckham, Zidane, and Ronaldo.

A part of the documentary shows the entertaining final of the Football World Cup1998. Though France won the title, the real thrill, however, happened between Zidane and Ronaldo. You will see David Beckman as the third Muskatters, whose team, unfortunately, got a red card in a game against Argentina.

Later the story features the three players’ hard work, footballing skills, and goals. It educates us that talent can’t be held captivated; it will find its way with the right amount of hard work, persistence, and determination.

Return to Turin – Italia ‘1990

Get ready for another adrenaline rush! Return to Turin features the transformation of the English Football Team, Italian Team and the rise of Cameroon as a team reaching the quarter-finals.

You will get to see the revival of the English football team that was on its deathbed at that time. Poor team management, corruption, lack of enthusiasm, and other issues were rotting its roots.

The film depicts how under the supervision of Gary Lineker, they transformed into one of the finest teams qualifying for the semis in 1990 when everyone doubted them for hardly qualifying for the group stage.

The Italian team’s transformation inspired by their team spirit and fan love is worth watching but what steals the show is the rise of Cameroon as the first African nation to qualify for the quarter-finals.


Get a BBC iPlayer subscription and watch the rip-roaring sports-infused documentaries. We have brought you a list of wonderful tales with a lot to learn from. BBC iPlayer is indeed the best companion to rely on for all your Sport content cravings.