If you are here, then you must be looking for the best VPN for you. And it is prevalent to see the trend of downloading VPN for their use. We will try our best to get your question answered. But before that, let’s understand some VPN basics before downloading it.

Also, we will help you to get the best VPN for you. VPN has changed the way we use the internet. It has made the internet safer for users. So, let’s understand its unique features before you click on the VPN download button.

How does it work?

A virtual Private Network is termed a VPN. It is an encrypted system that keeps the user’s data safe from getting leaked. Generally, we get internet from our internet Service provider, also known as ISP. The moment we get access to the internet, along with it, we get a unique number which is called IP Address.

An IP address or Internet Protocol address is your identity on the internet. Also, it contains your geographic location, which means whatever you will surf on the internet will get saved on your IP address, and you will be restricted from the content allowed in your location.

What VPN does is it hides or changes your identity and creates an encrypted channel between you and the server. It fools the server by telling it that the user is different and from a different location, which helps you get access to the content unavailable in your location.

Let’s discuss the things which you should keep in your mind before installing any VPN.

1. Read and Analyse the Privacy Policy

The moment we download any apps, we just accept the privacy policy without reading it. We think that who has time to read these many things, but if you are using VPN to secure yourself from scams or cybercrime, you should read it.

Without reading, you are not sure whether this company is making your internet surfing safe or unsafe. So, please do read the privacy policy and conditions before you download it.

2. Valuable Customer Reviews and Ratings

Not everything you see or read is true. Generally, companies hire people and give them money to write good and positive reviews for their products so that they can get more and more downloads.

So, it is crucial to be critical while reading these customer reviews, as it is challenging to distinguish between independent and paid reviewers.

3. Free looks free, but not free

Yes, you heard it right. We see that VPNs are free on application stores, and we download them. Just think that if a company gives their product for free, how will they earn?

So, what these companies do, is they track your movement and show advertisements, and some companies are two steps ahead; they store your data and sell it to other companies to ensure their income or earnings.

Also, you will always find these free VPNs are slow and come with significantly fewer features. So, no to FREE.

4. The home country should be disclosed

It is vital to know from which country that provider belongs. The reason is that some VPN companies hide this to save themselves from restrictions and laws. It is very important and compulsory for companies to disclose their home country, and they should ensure that they abide by the law of the land where they operate. This prevents these companies from illegally transferring and illegally sharing customers’ data with other parties.

It is mandatory to be aware of our privacy always. While using VPN, it becomes compulsory to be more vigilant towards cyber security and data privacy. You must think I have nothing to hide, so why should I even care about this data privacy?

But you have many things to make safe on the internet. For example, you make payments, search and plan your tour, and search for your likes and dislikes related to your personal life. This information gets shared with companies, and they show you customized advertisements to target for their product without letting you know they influence your choices.

So, please ensure your privacy before you click the VPN download icon.