Silicon Valley has among the best tech startups in the world. It follows that a number of web design and development companies are also in the area.

Website development, of course, is tech-heavy. This means that a lot of the web developers converge in the area, which is the most popular tech hub in the world.

Why is Silicon Valley website design considered the best in the field starting from user-friendly software to entertainment sites? There are things you need to learn in this article. That is why you have to continue reading this so that you will be enlightened as to how people appreciate the designers in this business location.

It has a lot to do with the proximity to other greats. The best tech companies started in Silicon Valley. Competition is tough.

Every company just wants to one-up the others. What follows is a competition to be the best. Among those who are not considered the best, they are still better than the rest.

It’s a win-win situation really. Having it as a reality is quite essential for your business to stand out. You have to make your brand strong. Getting a website is the best way you can hit your branding goals. Entrust the entire process to a legitimate provider of web-based solutions.

What are they saying about Silicon Valley website design?

Business startups, even those not found in California, usually look up to web design firms in Silicon Valley to handle their much-needed website design and development and everything else attached to it.

You see, just because it’s called web design and development it doesn’t mean that it is solely about the website. It is about the company’s online presence as a whole.

Online presence goes beyond a website. There is also website application, mobile application, social media, and SEO, among others.

With these many components, companies need to have the best in the field. Then we go back to the website designers and developers in the Bay Area, specifically Silicon Valley.

So, what are companies saying about them?

Technologically innovative

We mentioned the stiff competition in Silicon Valley. It follows that the companies there are among the most technologically advanced. When it comes to website designs, you can only expect Silicon Valley design firms to have a better grasp of modern websites.

The design firms in the area are expected to be on top of the digital trends. That can only be good for the startup that wants to hire the services of a design firm in Silicon Valley.

Competitively priced

There was a time when the Silicon Valley price tag was only intended for established companies. However, because of the increase in supplies in terms of services, prices have become competitive—if you’re looking at it from the clientele’s perspective.

There is this misconception that only the most expensive products and services are the best. That’s no longer true, especially when we talk about website design. From ordering and canceling orders online to booking appointments, everyone is now in the website game.

There are a lot of web design firms that don’t demand a high price.

They do more than what is asked of them

A lot of startups don’t actually have the energy to do more. They are trying to scrape by, so they only do what is asked of them.

Web design firms in Silicon Valley are different. This is technically because the environment is already different in the tech hub.

Within the area, people breathe the digital world. As such, the simplest technological activity is totally part of nature. This allows the agencies to do more since the basics have become too simple for them.

Since they are more advanced than others, companies can also expect the outputs to be advanced and more modern.

Logical and practical

As earlier mentioned, the environment has a lot to do with the top-notch services provided by companies found in the area. With years of experience, companies are expected to learn from previous experiences. As such, many of these web designers have developed the mind for practical work and innovations.

Logic has not been sacrificed in the process, which is all the better for the clients.

Further to say, logic is something that would really impress clients. When it comes to business, the entrepreneurs are mostly concerned only about the operations of the business. When it comes to the actual website, they could be short-sighted about it.

This means that most owners will only want to see their products and services on the website. They would think that the more people are spoon-fed about the company, the more they would be enticed to make a purchase.

But there are other logical and practical means to provide conversion. Silicon Valley website design firms are experts on this matter.

Great interface

They are the best in the field, so people can expect a really top-notch interface. A UI designer is an important part of a web design team.

You want the interface of the website to be neat and clear. You want people to immediately understand what’s going on. In the process, it would be easier for them to navigate the web pages.

Conversion is more likely to happen when web users are on your website for a longer period of time.

UI designers are integral members of web design teams.

User experience

People often lump UI design with UX design. They are different. However, they are also interlinked. UI designer and UX designer are usually separate positions, although, in some cases, one person can be an expert in both the interface and experience.

The UI design is what people see. The UX design is the experience.

People should have an easy time navigating the website. They should have a positive experience maneuvering the different buttons on the page.

The user experience can make or break a website. If the user experience is terrible, then you can’t expect people to buy from the company.

In essence, the UX designer is also a crucial member of a design firm. The UX designers in Silicon Valley are expected to have the most perceptive designs. That’s exactly what you need in a website.

Complete services

We touched on this earlier. A web design firm should be able to provide a full service. This means that the website has a great UI and UX designs.

But more than that, the agency should also be able to expand their services. Businesses need website applications, too.

A lot of the transactions are already done online. Businesses can’t earn online if there is no web app. Eventually, when the business is already big, a mobile app will also become necessary.

Applications are also important digital outputs of a web design firm. Silicon Valley agencies are great at providing complete services that include applications.

Whether the business is already big or not, social media presence is necessary. Allow the web firms to handle this because they are professionals and they know what’s necessary for the business to prosper.

There are appropriate times and appropriate types of posts that should be made on social media to ensure success of the business. Social media management is just one of the many things that design firms do.

Plus, there is also the matter of search engine optimization. What’s the point of having a great website when no one visits?

An effective SEO will bring users to your website, hence, its importance.


Make sure that you can have a designer who is credible and results-oriented. Find one from Silicon Valley. This is your best chance to build a great website.