Imagine it is a beautiful evening, and you are sitting on your porch reading your favorite book and sipping on delicious coffee. Now, a swarm of mosquitoes arrives to interrupt your reading session and start buzzing in your ears and sucking your blood. Even thinking about it sure does ruin the mood. Getting rid of mosquitoes in San Antonio, TX, is not difficult, but you must avoid myths.

There are many myths about the way one can prevent mosquitoes from biting them. It is important that you keep yourself aware of them, so you do not make a mistake. If the mosquito situation at your place has gone out of control, call San Antonio, TX pest control today.

Myths about getting rid of mosquitoes

1. Eating certain things can prevent mosquitoes from biting you.

Some people believe that eating garlic or food with high percentages of vitamin B can stop these bloodsuckers from biting them. However, this is only a myth, and there is no scientific evidence to back up the idea that even resetting the thermostats might not help.

Therefore, simply changing your diet won’t change a thing. Instead, factors like how much carbon dioxide you omit or how quick your metabolism is mattered more.

2. Mosquitoes find some people more delicious than others.

You might have seen that some people get more bitten by mosquitoes as compared with others. It is only natural for people to raise questions about this. The truth is, there is no such logic that says certain humans are tastier to mosquitoes than others. These pests are simply more attracted to those who give out more carbon dioxide and heat.

3. Citronella can keep mosquitoes away.

When looking for DIY ways to get rid of mosquitoes, you must have come across at least one post online that told you to use citronella candles. Candle smoke has a reduced effect on mosquitoes, but even planting citronella plants inside or outside your home may not help that much. This method is no longer effective, though it is still on the Internet.

4. Planting insect-repelling plants will repel mosquitoes.

It is not easy to get rid of mosquitoes. One cannot simply prevent them by planting a few seeds in the garden. If anything, these plants for home decor will only create more space for these bloodsuckers to rest. Yes, certain plants contain essential oils that can repel mosquitoes. However, you still need to crush their leaves or burn them in order for the repelling to work.