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Finding movies, books, games or literally, any kind of file on the Internet is quite easy today. If you are an Internet freak, you must be torrenting such files. Even if you have not used it, you would have heard the term torrenting and various torrenting sites like Kickass.

If you have, you must be having numerous questions related to it. Well, you are about to get all your answers. Keep reading to know if it is safe to use torrenting sites.

Before you know whether kickass torrents sign up are safe to use, it is important to know what torrenting exactly is? Torrenting is simply downloading and uploading files through a BitTorrent network.

It involves downloading files from other user’s devices available on the network, meaning users can upload files from their own devices for others to download.

Torrenting allows people to access files that are protected with a copyright, and these files can be games, movies, songs, or software.

It is also used to reduce a load of centralized servers by distributing the hosting load among its users. While there are many torrenting sites in the market, choosing the right one is necessary to avoid security issues.

kickass Torrents

Kickass torrents have been in the torrenting industry for quite a few years now and have created a huge consumer base. If you have ever used the site or keep some knowledge of the industry, you would know that the original Kickass torrent site was shut down in 2017.

No matter what the reason for the shutdown was, the site proved to be extremely safe to its customers. This is the reason most people preferred the kickass site for their torrenting needs.

After the shutdown, a new proxy site like the original one was launched. Some of the same old staff and authority members are a part of this proxy site. The team of this new site also ensures the same trust and safety to its consumers.

However, with the new Kickass proxy or mirror sites come the harmful copycats too. These copycat sites may try to get your personal details or credit card details and misuse them. These copycats are claiming to be the real reincarnations on the Internet, and it is difficult, to tell the truth, though.

Legal or Illegal?

Torrenting is not illegal, but torrenting of unsanctioned copyrighted material can cause you problems. It cannot be said if the material is unsanctioned. However, if you are caught, then your ISP and copyright troll monitoring can act against you.

It can be a warning letter or a slowdown in your internet speed. While it is extremely rare for legal action to be taken but legal actions are also possible.

However, when talking about the original Kickass torrenting site, you would not come across an illegal file, and so your chances of being caught are rare.

How Can You Torrent Safely?

After knowing that illegal torrenting can cause you problems, you might get dicey about whether you should be torrenting. After all, you are always at risk of getting caught if you try torrenting an illegal file.

So, how can you keep yourself safe? Well, there are ways by which you can torrent safely. The most known and easiest way is to torrent by using a VPN.

Now, choosing the right VPN is also quite important for safe torrenting. You should be looking for majorly three things in a VPN when you plan on safe torrenting. The first requirement is that the VPN should not keep track of your activities.

Secondly, the VPN should not belong to a country that can access your records legally. Finally, it should have a considerably fast downloading speed, meaning it should not slow down the entire downloads.

After going through everything mentioned above, it is safe to say that the Kickass torrenting website is safe to use if you use it efficiently and actively. With fewer ad announcements and their operation in grey areas legally, you can safely use it to a considerable extent.

Also, as mentioned earlier, using torrent sites with a good VPN can surely give you lots of benefits, that too within the safe area.