Having a luggage rack in the bedroom is quite handy and helps you do your packing and unpacking tasks very easily. Apart from holding your luggage in a proper way, they also keep your room neat and clean. As we all know, having the best luggage rack in the bedroom is very beneficial.

But you need to use the luggage rack properly in order to have a better experience and keep the rack in good condition. Otherwise, there can be problems, and you may cause damages to your luggage rack unknowingly. This article discusses how you can use a luggage rack in the bedroom in the correct way.

5 Ways to Use Bedroom Luggage Rack

1 Choose The Right Luggage Rack for Your Use

This is the first step you have to follow in order to use the luggage rack properly. You need to choose the right luggage rack for bedroom from the market for your use. Since there are different varieties of luggage racks available, it is essential to get the perfect one for you. There are several factors that you can take into consideration depending on your preferences to find the correct item.

You should think about how you are going to use the rack. Whether you want to use it daily or occasionally, the item should meet your needs. To use a luggage rack in the bedroom daily, you should get a durable and strong rack. Luggage racks made of low-quality materials may break if you keep heavy suitcases on them.

Choosing the best luggage rack for your daily use is very important to keep up with your home. Some luggage racks come with wheels that allow you to transport your luggage from one room to another with no hassle. Also, they are very easy to clean and maintain.

2 Fold And Unfold the Luggage Rack Properly

Most luggage racks have a foldable design that makes them easy to use. But folding and unfolding it with care is an important thing. You should follow the instructions of the manufacturer to use the rack in the proper way. You will receive the rack in folded condition. Then you will need to unfold it to keep your luggage.

While folding or unfolding the rack, you shouldn’t put too much pressure on it because it can damage the rack. The joints of metal luggage racks can get affected by rust with time. So, you should lubricate them and care for them properly. If you maintain the luggage rack correctly, it will last for a long time.

3 Don’t Put Excess Load Than the Maximum Capacity

It is another important point to consider when using a luggage rack. Every luggage rack has a maximum weight-bearing capacity. You shouldn’t keep more load on the rack than the maximum capacity. For example, if the luggage rack has a maximum weight capacity of 75lbs, you should keep a suitcase on this rack below 75lbs.

Keeping heavier weight than the actual weight limit can cause damage to the rack. If you want to keep heavier suitcases on the luggage rack, you should buy a luggage rack with maximum weight-bearing capacity. But it is not a good idea to keep additional weight on a luggage rack than its maximum weight capacity.

4 Use The Lower Space to Keep Small Items

Most luggage racks come with a shelf at the bottom for storing some additional items. You can keep your suitcase on the upper shelf of the luggage rack. But the bottom shelf is not designed to hold heavy loads, you can keep the snacks you ordered or laundry clothes. Generally, the lower shelf can hold 25lbs or slightly more than this weight.

Therefore, you shouldn’t keep heavy luggage on this shelf. Instead, you can keep some small items on this shelf, such as sandals, shoes, or some other items. If you keep two suitcases on both shelves, it can exceed the maximum weight capacity, which is not good. So, to maintain the lifespan of your luggage rack, you should use it in the appropriate way.

5 Store The Luggage Rack When It Is Not in Use

Because of the foldable design of luggage racks, they help save space. When you don’t need a luggage rack in the bedroom, you can simply fold it and keep it in a safe space. This will provide you with some extra floor space. Also, if you have kids at home, they may play with it and get injured.

So, storing your luggage rack when you don’t need it is good for safety concerns. Make sure that you keep it in a safe space to avoid damages. Further, you can check the maintenance and storage instructions of the manufacturer to keep the luggage rack in good condition. It is a good practice to follow the instructions of the manufacturer and use the luggage rack accordingly.


Undoubtedly, having the best luggage rack is very useful in every home, and they help keep the room neat and clean. So, you should appropriately use the luggage rack in the bedroom to get the desired results.