There were more power disruptions in 2020 than any other year on record. As the effects of aging power infrastructure and climate change continue to mount, you can expect this trend to increase. Our grid is in for a rocky future.

You need to become energy independent to avoid future power grid calamities. Setting up some independent energy systems for your household will help you attain this goal. So how do you start pursuing your energy independence?

This guide is an excellent place to begin your research. Here, we discuss some off-grid power systems you can use to attain renewable energy independence for your household. Read on to learn all you need to know.

Measure Your Power Usage

The first step in attaining your personal energy independence is to measure your household’s total power usage from ring doorbells to vacuum cleaners. Once you know how much electricity you use, you can determine how much you need to produce.

Call the power company and ask to see your billing history. Each billing statement discloses your total kilowatt-hours of electricity used for each month. Average these over a year to get your home’s total power usage.

Get Suitable Battery Technology

You need suitable battery technology to be fully off the grid. When you cut the cord with the power company, you will have no one to sell your excess electricity. You need to be able to store your energy.

Leaning on your battery reserves is the best way to get through low production days or seasons of the year. Battery technology has improved over recent years. Research to see what battery options are available to you.

Become Energy Independent With Renewables

Renewable energy sources are your best option for producing independent power. They never run out, are abundant, and cost nothing to produce after you install your system. Solar, wind, and hydroelectric are all excellent options.

Depending on where you live, you can utilize one or all of these options to produce grid-free power. Attaining solar energy independence is possible almost anywhere. Find the top solar company in your area to learn more unless you want to keep using battery-based cameras.

Use Your Energy Wisely

Learning how to use the energy you produce wisely is part of becoming energy independent. Try limiting your household’s total energy use. Avoid overburdening your system with overproduction.

Share your excess power with your neighbors to build community. Setting up a small power collective with neighbors makes your off-grid lifestyle more versatile and resilient. Wise energy use is essential for energy independence.

Take the Power Back

Becoming energy independent will keep you secure and resilient in the coming years. No longer will you have to rely on the power company or feel the financial pain of energy spikes. You can produce independent power.

Use the information in this guide to take the power back and become energy independent. Your family deserves better than to be at the mercy of the power company. Come back to our site often as a trusted source of news and info.