When decorating your home, there are lots of things to consider, especially if you want your interior to be unique. However, you don’t need to make massive changes to see big results. For example, you can update your old heaters to brand new type 21 radiators for a touch of luxury and practicality. If you want more tips on how you can elevate your interior design, keep reading and discover 5 ways you can do so with ease.

Dress Your Windows

It’s easy to forget about your windows when decorating a room, but if you truly want to improve your look, then you need to include them in your design. Large windows are ideal for gorgeous billowing curtains that have matching tie-backs so you can still let in some natural light. Even smaller windows can be styled well. Try fitting interesting blinds that add a touch of character to the room and still provide you with some privacy. The Blinds Source has a great selection of high-end blinds and curtains in various styles and colors. Don’t be afraid to add decoration to the windowsill itself either.  Pop some flowers bought from a florist who has good flower delivery onto them to bring a splash of color to the room and tie the whole design together.”

Don’t Forget About Small Spaces

When it comes to interior design in your home, you probably think about the larger, most used rooms first. However, don’t leave out the smaller spaces like hallways and entrances. Leaving these bare can make the house feel disjointed in style, so you want to make sure you include them in your decorating. Try creating a welcoming space that visitors will be wowed by when they first step into your home. Don’t neglect the little places in your home and you’ll soon have a fully cohesive design.

Update Your Lighting

Something as simple as changing your lampshade can drastically change the overall feel of a room, so make sure the one you choose matches your theme well. You could even upgrade your lighting and go from one dim bulb to a glistening chandelier to really elevate the design. You could even pop smaller lamps around the room to create the perfect glow and add a few more stylistic elements.

Play With Textures

If you have a chosen colour scheme, don’t think you have to stick to the same textures for everything. Try mixing them up and go for a velvet sofa, voile nets, and a faux sheep skin rug. Similarly, you can mix up the textures of your furnishing by having a wooden coffee table and solid, black metal floating bookshelves. A mixture of textures will help your design look professional and cohesive.

Get Creative With Your Walls

If you want to have a completely finished interior design look, don’t leave your walls bare. You don’t have to rely on your typical framed photos either. Try hanging interesting pieces of art to create a gallery wall, or go for an eclectic look that incorporates mirrors, art, and textiles like macramé. Not decorating your walls can make a room feel empty and unfinished, so try to include them in your design.

Elevating your interior design doesn’t have to be overly complicated. Sometimes it’s the little things that can really improve the feel of a space, so don’t overlook things like your windows and hallway. Make sure you incorporate your own character into the designs, and you’ll soon have a stunning, stylish home.