After purchasing a countertop, one of the most important things homeowners need to learn is maintaining it. In this regard, there is not a one size fits all approach as you get for window slidings. Every stone countertop is unique, and its cleaning process is different. But, don’t worry, below we will talk about some basic maintenance tips. In addition, we will teach you how to remove water stains from stone countertops.

There are several types of stone countertops in the market. Some that homeowners might have heard about include marble, soapstone and granite. Another alternative is quartzite, which shouldn’t be confused with quartz. While quartzite is sandstone, the other countertop is an engineered product that is composed of natural minerals and resins.

Keep in mind that the ones that we have mentioned here are just the most popular choices amongst homeowners. To check out other alternatives, and wilden your horizon, you can read more about stone countertops here. But even if you decide to purchase a natural stone, one thing they all have in common is that they are porous. This implies that, while these countertops look excellent in the kitchen, they may be easily stained.

However, this is no reason to abstain from purchasing stone countertops, instead, it means homeowners need to be careful.

Preventing damage on stone countertops

There are many reasons why a stone countertop could get damaged. For instance, it can crack under pressure or heat. But, the most common ones are water stains produced by a buildup. Usually, this can happen if the homeowner’s house is located in an area with hard water. This water carries a high amount of minerals and can even be dangerous to our health.

The worst part is that when combined with soap, hard water will create a scum buildup over time. If any homeowners are already dealing with this problem, don’t panic. Below we have a step-by-step guide on removing water stains from countertops. However, in this section, we will concentrate on people’s efforts to avert this problem.

1. Everyday cleaning

The best thing homeowners can do to prevent any countertops damage is to clean it every day. In the beginning, this might only seem like an extra task added to an already busy day.

If there are any spills, wipe them right away with a soapy sponge, rinse them and dry the whole area right away. That way, there won’t be any buildup over the surface. Also, it is crucial to use a microfiber towel to prevent any other damage, such as scratches.

2. Purchase mild soap

When it comes to stone countertops, it is better to avoid any abrasive combination of liquids and cleansers. It is better to use a safe option and only clean the countertop with some warm water and mild soap. This might seem like a simple strategy, but in the end, it will preserve the quality of the surface.

3. Annually Sealing

As we mentioned above, the stone countertops are naturally porous. This means that liquids can penetrate beyond the surface, damaging the internal structure. To prevent this situation, it is vital to apply sealant every year.

4. Purchase a water filter

We understand that purchasing a water filter can be an expensive option, but it will improve your health and prevent any stains. Before doing it, make sure to call your municipality to check if there is any hard water in your area. Otherwise, it will be better to follow our guide on removing water stains from stone countertops even if it is not ruining your order from big basket. 

How to remove water stains from countertops: Step-By-Step Guide

When it comes to water stains, the first thing homeowners need to understand is that these can be classified into two types. Throughout this article, we have talked about the main one, which is hard water stains that carry a high amount of minerals. The second kind is produced by condensation. For instance, if a glass has been sitting over the counter for a long time.

Usually, simple water stains are the easiest ones to remove. But, with our guide on how to remove water stains from countertops, all your surfaces will look as good as new in no time.

1. Scrape with a spatula

If there is a buildup over the countertop, the first option is to chip it away using a plastic spatula. Through this process, homeowners will have to be extra careful and ensure they won’t damage the countertop surface. This will probably take a long time, so being patient is key. Plus, once the stain is gone, it is important to clean the whole countertop again.

2. Get steel wool

Steel wool is a product that many households already have on hand because it can be used to remove food stains from pans. Luckily, it works the same way over stone countertops. Move it using circular motions, and it will help you remove even those stains that are not visible. In the end, take a dry cloth and wipe off the countertop.

3. Make a poultice

This is probably the method that all homeowners have heard of because it is an easy and effective process. To make this poultice, get some baking soda, dish soap, and warm water. After mixing it, apply it to the countertop’s surface in circular motions. Leave it there for at least 20 minutes and once the time is up, wipe it off with a cloth and cold water.

4. Wrap it

It might sound weird, but if homeowners have not been able to eliminate a stain from their countertop, the best thing to do is wrap it. Use the same poultice described above, and instead of wiping it off, wrap it with some plastic and wait a couple of hours. To complete the process, just take a sponge and clean it up.


Through our guide on removing water stains from stone countertops, we are sure all homeowners will solve this problem in no time. Remember that the best way to prevent these stains is by cleaning up any spills right away and applying sealing at least once a year.