At one point, you would have loved your home. The exciting time of moving and decorating, but things change and you can start to fall out of love with your home. Rekindling the love doesn’t mean you have to move or spend a lot of money, there are simple home improvement ideas that can remind you why you fell in love with it in the first place.

Refresh Your Home

It can be as simple as moving some pieces of furniture around, or repainting the walls, or just getting a Honeywell thermostat to stay warm. For your living room, purchase some new throw pillows or reupholster your sofa for what seems like an entirely new piece of furniture. For the bedroom it can be simply some new sheets and bed linens and for the bathroom swap your shower curtain for something more stylish.

Declutter Your Home

You can easily accumulate needless items through the years that you never get around to using, or simply buying something and your feelings about the item changes so this once desired piece isn’t as desirable. Clutter in a home can be stressful and difficult to relax in, so a simple declutter could make your home feeling a lot more tranquil and relaxing.

When sorting through items, consider when was the last time it was used? Will it be handy in the near future? Is it worth holding on to? Could I sell it and put the money to better use? Is there someone who will benefit from this item more than me?

If you aren’t ready to get rid of an item because it’s functional, but dislike the look of it, you could look to upcycle the piece into something that fits your current style preference like upcycling a look of ring doorbell.

Take A Style Risk Or Make A Worthy Investment

Has your home lost its ‘new’ feeling? You can recapture this feeling with new furniture or a new upgrade. One of the reasons we can fall out of love with our home is it starts to feel bland, maybe you are craving some excitement from your interior.

What upgrades can you make? Get new carpets, tiles or wood flooring, upgrade your bathroom or kitchen, knock down walls to build an open plan space or get an extension built for more space.

If you can’t or don’t want to make a big change like that, a simple new addition of furniture can go a long way in recapturing the love for your home. Purchase something that you’ve always wanted, something exciting or luxurious. One armchair that is a high-end luxury that everyone seems to adore is the Eames Lounge Chair, admired for its super comfortable, ergonomic design and quality craftsmanship, this item seems to be on a lot of peoples wish lists for their homes.

Reconsider Your Needs

Your needs change over time, and what made you choose your home when you purchased it, may not be the same needs you have today. Sometimes even making the changes to fall in love with your home again isn’t enough, as your home doesn’t provide what you need anymore.

Change Your Frame of Mind

It is hard to believe when social media seems to be flooded with these ‘perfect homes’, but no one’s home is perfect. Once you realise your home needs to be for you and no one else, then it might start to make you feel a bit happier. Don’t feel confined to trends and do what makes you happy in your home.

If falling in love with your home is proving to be a tougher task than you previously imagined, it may be time to find something fresh that will peak your interest and provide that comfortable homey feeling that your current home once did. Don’t be frustrated if your current home does not fulfill all of the things that you need in your life. We all grow throughout our life and encounter new needs that must be met to maintain our comfort. It would be difficult to move into a single home that will provide everything you need for your entire life. Whether you need a larger house with more bedrooms because your family is growing or you have decided that being closer to family is more important to you, moving is a part of life.

Don’t let the idea of moving intimidate you. If you are ready to take a leap and move to a new home, hiring a moving company in Columbia can help you enjoy a stress free moving experience. They will handle all of the heavy lifting so you can sit back and enjoy the excitement of moving into a fresh new home that you can fall in love with.

If you stop feeling a pressure for your home to be perfect, make the most of what you’ve got and appreciate your home for what it is, you may start to fall in love again with your home.