So, you found out that you’re pretty good at carpet cleaning and decided to start a business. First of all, congratulations! Yet, keep in mind that as your business expands, you’ll find yourself dealing more with managerial rather than cleaning work.

Even if you have no managerial experience, this should become something you can handle once you gather enough knowledge and tools (and, naturally, the experience) required to perform this job in the best way possible even if you are binge-watching shows. This piece will dive into all the simple things you can do to ensure that you can run your carpet cleaning business in the most efficient way possible and help the magic carpet of your business vision take off!

Get the best carpet cleaning equipment

The first thing to do is to get the best carpet cleaning equipment that you can afford. True, this doesn’t come cheap, but remember that your competitors have been using this equipment for a long time. Whatever brand you choose, your carpet cleaning equipment needs to be functional, strong enough for the task, and have a long product lifetime. You don’t want to spend money on carpet cleaning equipment every month because it breaks down or becomes faulty, especially if that means that your customers will be dissatisfied with you.

Get your carpet cleaning business insured

The second thing you need to get in its place is insurance. It doesn’t matter whether your carpet cleaning business is small or big. It needs to have insurance coverage so that should anything unexpected happen, your carpet cleaning company will carry on running smoothly even when it suffers damage caused by accidents, among other things. Make sure you check multiple insurance companies before settling on one and compare prices before buying any policy. Don’t focus only on the price but look at the benefits they extend to you and your business.

Hire carpet cleaning technicians

This is the first thing you must do once you take your baby steps in the carpet cleaning business. You need to make sure that the technicians are well-trained and efficient to perform their tasks in full. Also, check if they know how to use various pieces of carpet cleaning equipment properly so that they do not damage it while working.

Train your staff on safety measures

You also need to make sure that your carpet cleaning technicians know how to conduct themselves professionally. You need to train them on safety measures for carpet cleaning techniques because you are dealing with chemicals that can be hazardous to both carpets and carpet owners. These technicians need to know all about health and safety precautions before starting to work on any rug. However, they can enjoy the food ordered online on the carpet if they can clean it later.

Delegate duties to every staff member

To avoid situations in which people play the blame game, consider delegating duties to your team members. No single carpet cleaner should be doing all the work. Carpets need to be cleaned thoroughly and in line with the carpet owners’ instructions. If there is more than one carpet cleaner at work, it makes sense for each to take on an individual carpet section to clean.

Avoid rushing jobs

Carpet cleaning can be pretty time-consuming. You might easily feel that you’d rather do something else with your time to earn money or get the job done quickly and move on to another task. Yet, making sure that every carpet gets proper treatment is crucial for your success and your client’s satisfaction. Remember that they will be happy to see that their carpet looks even better after you’ve cleaned it than when they first bought it at a store. This way, you get to retain your customers in the long run.


Running a carpet cleaning business is not hard if you know what to do. You can use the above tips as a starting point to make your carpet cleaning business reach for the skies.