The painting of the exterior of one’s house is a significant project that can bring new life into your home and boost its curb appeal. However, to make an informed decision, an understanding of the cost implication is important before venturing into it.

This is why we shall be considering how much it costs to paint the exterior of your house, and the cost implications of engaging professional painters. Thereafter, before ending this piece we shall also give consideration to some cost-effective painting solutions.

Painting Your House Exterior: How Much Does It Cost?

Let’s delve into looking at the cost of painting the exterior of a house, the factors influencing it, and the other expenses involved.

The Cost of Painting a House’s Exterior in Australia

Depending on size, number of bedrooms, condition, style and access to the house the average cost of painting the outside of a house in Australia is between $4,000 to $20,000. Painting a room will cost between $250 to $500, a 4-bedroom $3,000 to $5,000 and for the exterior of a 2-storey home is $5,500 to $20,000. You can find additional information on this website:

Usually, most house painters charge per square meter for labour and tend to charge more for exterior than they do for interior house painting. However, it is recommended you ask your painter for a detailed quote where all information will be clearly stated so you know if the price covers any preparatory work needed.

Factors Impacting the Cost

The paint quality used, that is, the choice between whether it is premium or standard paint options will significantly influence the overall cost of your project.

The extent of surface preparation required on the exterior walls and the need for repairs or priming can affect the final price. Also, the size of your house is a critical factor in determining how much paint and labour will be required.

Types of Paints for Exterior

Latex paint is a versatile option that is suitable for most exterior surfaces, is easy to maintain, durable has various finishes. Oil-based paints on the other hand are often reserved for specific surfaces and provide a long-lasting glossy finish. When the painting being considered is for unique application from professional painters, specialized coatings are used.

Hiring Expert Painters

Professional expertise brings valuable experience to the table, ensuring a high-quality, lasting paint job. The amount the professionals charge can vary based on the geographical area and the complexity of the project to be done. It is advisable to obtain quotes from different local professionals to compare prices and services.

DIY vs. Professional Services

If your choice for painting your house exterior is a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) approach it can be a cost-saving measure but will require time and effort. However, engaging professional painters ensures an expert finish which relieves you from the huge task of having to do it yourself. Note however that this will come at some cost to you.

Budget-Friendly Tips

If you plan your project well, it will help you minimize waste and reduce overall expenses. To cut some cost, learn to shop wisely by looking for paint sales, discounts and promotions to secure the best purchases. When the house exterior is done, maintaining it in good condition can extend the time between repaints which can impact your budget significantly.

Costs of Professional Painters

In the choice of who paints your house, hiring experts to do the job can be a wise decision. But understanding the costs implication of their services is also important before you embark on the project. Our concern in this section is to explore the expenses involved in engaging expert painters to transform your home’s exterior.

Hourly Rates and Estimates

Understanding the intricacies of professional painting costs is essential. These rates vary among professional painters depending on experience, expertise and location. However, choosing a painter with a higher hourly rate might be a wise choice as their experience often translates to high-quality and faster work.

Surface Preparation

The costs of addressing cracks, holes or uneven surfaces prelude to painting will contribute to the cost. So are the costs associated with priming to ensure the paints adhere properly and stands the test of time.

Different surfaces require different preparation techniques which may influence the time and materials needed thus impacting the overall cost of the project. Clearly communicate to the painter about the intricacies of the surface to ensure an accurate estimate to avoid surprises during the project.

Labour Intensity

The cost of painting a single room differs significantly from that of a multi-story residence or one with intricate architectural details. More painters may be required for a larger project which will impact labour costs but ensure a timely and efficient completion.

Additional Services

Additional services such as wallpaper removal, trim work detailing, etc. involve additional labour and materials that will impact costs. Also, when special finishes or techniques are involved such as faux painting or textured application, it incurs additional costs.

Geographical Location

The area your home is located whether urban or rural will influence the pricing of professional painting services you get. The local economic conditions such as demand for housing and the overall economic health of the region will significantly impact the amount your painters will demand.

Cost-Effective Painting Solutions


In this concluding section, we shall be exploring various budget-friendly approaches you can implement to paint your house’s exterior without having to break the bank.

Proper Planning

First off, you need to carefully plan the whole project, allocate resources efficiently and minimize unnecessary expenses. Thinking this through can help you reduce paint and supply waste and ultimately save your costs.

Surface Preparation

You can tackle minor surface repairs by yourself to avoid the cost of hiring experts for small tasks. However, for comprehensive evaluation of extensive repairs, ensure you engage professionals to do it right.

Choosing Affordable Paint

Instead of going for premium brands, you can keep your budget low by going for affordable high-quality standard paints. Keep an eye on promotions, and discounts, and do your calculations right to avoid over-purchasing and overspending.

DIY Painting

Doing the painting yourself can be a huge cost-saving solution. Gather the necessary painting supplies to prevent additional costs and invest time to learn painting techniques to improve your painting skillset. To learn more about how to paint all by yourself, check here.

Regular Maintenance

Do regular maintenance practices to keep your exterior in good condition and extend the time between repaints. Act proactively to prevent costly damage to your home’s exterior and minimize deterioration, and repair expenses.

Multiple Quotes

Seek different professional opinions by obtaining multiple quotes from painters to compare prices. Negotiate to get the best deal and potentially reduce the overall project costs.


Painting your house’s exterior is a valuable investment in your property that beautifies it. To make well informed decision on its painting, an understanding of associated costs, paint type, expert services required, etc is crucial. By balancing aesthetics with budget through cost-effective solutions you can embark on your project with confidence and financial prudence.