In the last few years it is clear that we have really been loving our DIY home improvements! So much so that American homeowners’ spent around $472 billion improving their spaces. We love this, but we think it can be done a little better. We’re talking about holistic home enhancement beyond mere paint cans and wallpaper rolls. When we focus on the energy, ambiance, and overall vibe of the space, we increase our comfort and happiness levels!

Think of it this way: your home is not just a collection of rooms; it’s a living, breathing entity that can influence your well-being. Creating a harmonious haven is as good for your soul as it is for your eyes, and the process can be a lot of fun.

Taking your holistic home design up a notch

Holistic home design is not just about what’s inside those four walls. You must also bridge your indoor sanctuary and the great outdoors to turn your home into a haven of good vibes.

Holistic homes are as functional as they are aesthetically pleasing. Take, for example, the inclusion of a versatile and practical portable garage (for those with the space).

Just like that, you have an extra space to be creative or store larger items to free up room in your main living area. An art studio that looks out onto and is accessible via the garden? That should get the inspiration flowing!

Holistic interior design philosophies

The goal is to ace simplicity, functionality, and a deep connection with nature. These are some of the design philosophies that lead to a more holistic space:

  • Scandinavian Design: If IKEA makes you happy, you’re already a fan of Scandinavian design. It’s simple, functional, and uses a lot of natural materials – think of it as the Marie Kondo of home decor.
  • Japanese Zen Design: Have you ever walked into a room and felt an instant sense of tranquility? That’s the magic of Japanese Zen design. It’s all about simplicity, natural elements, and a vibe that says, “Relax, we got this.”
  • Biophilic Design: Nature lovers, this one’s for you. Biophilic design is focused on bringing the outdoors in, with plants, natural light, and materials straight from Mother Nature herself. It’s like a green hug for your home.

Tackling the downsides of artificial lighting

Our sleep quality and hormones are big considerations of a holistic home, and while we know the importance of quality lighting, bringing science-backed tech to the table can make everyday life a little brighter – literally and figuratively.

Companies like Brilli make bulbs and fixtures that aren’t just about making your space look good; they have your circadian health in mind. The aim is to kick eye strain to the curb while delivering top-notch light quality and energy efficiency. Philips and Samsung are also playing the light game. Smart bulbs sharpen your focus in the office or help you wind down before hitting the hay.

The magic of color therapy

Color therapy is not just about making your space look good; it’s about making it feel just right. Using reds, oranges, and yellows throughout your home is the life of the party, getting you excited and energised. Blues, greens, and whites are all about chill vibes, bringing that serene and tranquil energy.

You can mix and match those shades like you’re creating a playlist. Find the ones that vibe together to make your space your happy place. This goes beyond the paint on the walls and into your art, throw rugs, couch fabrics, and even the types of fruit you display on the kitchen counter!

Consider some crystal healing

We can’t really talk about being holistic if we forget to mention crystals. These are nature’s secret agents, bringing balance to your physical, mental, and even spiritual vibes.

Rose quartz should be snuggled up in your bedroom, citrine is the option in your office to boost productivity and wealth, and fuchsite lives in the bathroom, turning it into your personal relaxation haven. Amethyst and black tourmaline stand guard in the entryway, protecting your space, and for those energy-stagnant spots like closets and under the sofa, selenite is the play.

Easy access to great home improvements

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