Hardtop container shelters are designed to provide weather protection and storage space using shipping containers as its base framework, these shelter roofs are cladded with fabricated steel. Here’s how can you utilise roof kits to maximise storage space in your backyard.

Hardtop Container Shelter Benefits

Preserving containers and offering a versatile covered area, Hardtop container shelters provide various benefits for various applications. The benefits of these shelters include:

  1. Flexible – Designed to span 20ft or 40ft shipping containers and can be mounted on the inside or outside of the containers to suit the width of your space.
  2. Safe & Solid – Quality Hardtop Container Shelters, such as those
  3. manufactured by Allshelter, are engineered to the latest Australian standards and come with a 20-year guarantee.
  4. Easy Installation – As a compact DIY kit, these shelters allow easy installation.
  5. Low Profile – The gable profile of the roof ensures a low profile, making them easily attachable to existing sheds or buildings without the need to work at heights.
  6. Multipurpose – Quality materials make these shelters ideal for various uses across varying industries.

With their robust and weather-resistant design, these shelters serve many industries ranging from the bustling realm of construction, and the resource-rich mining domain to the ever-evolving industrial sites, ensuring the protection of assets and personnel.

Uses of Shipping Container Hardtop Shelters

The hardtop container shelters have a distinct advantage with their low-profile roof design, making them well-suited for various storage needs and serving as versatile workshops. Due to the low profile, it is essential to note that their suitability might be somewhat limited for large machinery workshops, particularly those accommodating large vehicles like dump trucks due to height constraints.

Nevertheless, these shelters offer an impressive array of practical applications, ranging from general storage to weather protection for machinery and equipment storage. They can also be used for extra workspace areas dedicated to maintenance tasks and workshops, allowing businesses and their people to work out of direct weather conditions.

Is Hard top shelters a cost effect solution?

One of the most compelling benefits of hardtop container shelters is their remarkable cost-effectiveness compared to traditional permanent structures. Constructing permanent buildings can involve substantial financial investments, from materials and labor to permits and prolonged construction timelines. In contrast, hardtop container shelters provide an economical alternative, offering rapid installation and setup.

Moreover, the employment of durable materials like high-quality steel and weather-resistant coatings contributes to reduced maintenance costs over time. The inherent sturdiness of these materials ensures a longer lifespan, while minimal upkeep requirements translate to ongoing savings. This cost-efficient solution is particularly advantageous for businesses and organizations seeking to optimise their budgets without compromising on quality or functionality.

Easy to assemble it yourself: a 3 step guide

Assembling a hard-top shipping container roof can vary in terms of ease depending on your level of experience, available tools, and the specific design of the roof system. Generally, the process involves 3 main steps:

  • Preparation and Frame Assembly: Begin by reviewing the manufacturer’s instructions and gathering all required tools and materials. Attach the support beams of the container roof to the shipping container’s walls using provided brackets or mounting points.
  • Roof Panel Installation: Securely fasten the roof panels to the support beams following the provided guidelines.Ensure proper alignment and tight connections to maintain structural integrity.
  • Finishing and Inspection: Apply weatherproofing materials and any additional accessories like gutters and ventilation. Thoroughly inspect the assembled roof for alignment, tightness, and safety, making any necessary adjustments

How customiseable are they?

Hardtop container shelters offer an impressive array of customisation options that cater to diverse needs. These shelters can be transformed with essential features like doors, windows, insulation, lighting, and shelving, ensuring they meet specific requirements. Whether creating a functional workshop with ample natural light or a secure storage unit with climate control, the ability to tailor these shelters offers exceptional versatility.

Additionally, the flexibility to choose the size and layout of the shelter based on available space ensures a seamless integration with existing infrastructure. From small-scale individual needs to large-scale industrial applications, customization empowers users to create spaces that align perfectly with their operational goals, effectively turning a standard container into a tailored solution.

The Materials Used In Shipping Container Hardtop Shelters

Quality Hardtop container shelters are constructed from durable materials, ensuring their durability and resilience against the test of time. Hardtop roof kits are designed to suit 20f or 40-ft shipping containers, allowing for different requirements across different industries. The high-grade steel framing guarantees superior strength and structural integrity.

For protection from direct wind, rain and sun, these shelters are cladded with Zinc or Colorbond™️ roof sheeting, known for their corrosion-resistant properties and longevity. Hardtop Container Shelters, manufactured using quality materials, emphasise functionality and longevity, protecting what matters most.

Quality Hardtop Shelters for Your Home

When it comes to protecting your people and assets, quality is paramount. Whether you are seeking efficient storage solutions and require adaptable workspaces, or individuals looking for secure personal spaces, these shelters deliver on their promise of superior performance and lasting value.