Worried young woman looking stressed while receiving the electricity bill after using the air conditioner at home

Keeping a well-lit and comfortable home isn’t going to be cheap. Running your lights and your power on the whole night comes with a cost. It’s an expense that has to be accounted for in your monthly household budget, however, given how electricity is very important to have in homes nowadays. This necessity is one you have to live with, but not the hefty price tag that comes with it. When you start being very mindful about your electricity consumption, you don’t have to fear the time when your bill arrives, especially during the summer season when you watch animes.

With electricity prices rising across the country and the world, consumers should be looking at ways to cut their electricity bills. Save-on-electric-bill has 89 ways to save. One way to save is to shop for electricity if you’re in a deregulated market. For example, electricity rates in Texas have been deregulated since 2001. Consumers can shop online to find the best electricity plans.

If you can follow all or most of the tips below, you’re sure to see a significant decrease in your electricity bill from this point on, moving forward.

Consider How You Use Your Lights

When you were younger, you may have your parents tell you a lot of times to switch off lights that aren’t in use. There’s a good reason for this as switching off lights can significantly reduce your electricity bill. This tip doesn’t need further explanation, as obviously, the more lights you keep switched on, the higher your electricity consumption becomes.

Along with switching off lights that aren’t in use, you may also want to replace your non-LED bulbs with LED ones for reasons like:

  • They consume significantly less energy;
  • They produce better light;
  • They last longer than halogen and incandescent bulbs.

Use Natural Light Whenever Possible

Does your home have a lot of windows where natural light can easily pass through? Consider that an advantage. Make the most out of it by allowing natural light to pass through during daytime. Open up your curtains and blinds, so you don’t have to switch on as many lights as you may have used to.

Install A Programmable Thermostat

Lights aren’t the only culprit for high energy bills at home. Another one is your heating and air conditioning system. It’s something you need, but it can also have you staring at a pocket-breaking electricity bill.

One of the best solutions to avoid this is to install a programmable thermostat. You have so much more control over where energy goes and how it’s distributed in your home. This is unlike old thermostats that aren’t programmable where you could be cooling empty rooms or using the HVAC system to its full extent unnecessarily.

There are many advantages to installing one, beginning with:

  • It offers customization options, so the temperature options you’re using are limited only to what you need at any given time;
  • It saves you a lot of money, as every penny saved on controlling the temperature levels as is needed still amounts to a lot when you consider your monthly and annual bills;
  • It enables you to protect your HVAC system so you’re not unnecessarily overloading it.

Check Seals On Appliances, Windows, And Doors

Electric bill charges paper form on the table

Leaks on your windows and doors provide a way for electricity to go out of your room. That’s a lot of energy wasted. All those little cracks and openings allow air to effortlessly seep through where it shouldn’t. When this happens, you may feel like you need to run your air conditioner to a cooler temperature, when, without those gaps, you wouldn’t have had to run your HVAC system that much.

Along with doors and windows, check your appliances too like your refrigerator. Make sure it’s well sealed, so you can keep the cold air right where it should be. When energy goes out of the room, you’re consuming more energy than you ought to, draining your wallet in the process.

Upgrade Your Power Board

Nowadays, studying and working from home is quite a common sight across many families and households. This means that more devices are being used, which also significantly increases your energy consumption.

When was the last time you checked and updated your old power boards? Consider replacing them with new smart docking stations, as that help reduce energy usage while all your gadgets are on standby mode.


For those who are desperate to save a few bucks here and there on their electricity bill, you now have that assurance that such a pursuit is within your reach soon enough. There are so many more different things you can do, with the tips above touching only on a few. Once you get the hang of it, being frugal with your electricity becomes a way of life in your household. The best way to start is through being smart about how you use and spend electricity, one you can start practicing today.