The recent version of SharePoint 2019 has induced several features like large file support, advanced design for sites, more reliable site creation, integration with other office apps, etc. The migrating process is very complicated unlike downloading kickass without an actual account, whether it is to Migrate Data from File Server to SharePoint Online or SharePoint to SharePoint itself, if you are preparing to update to the newest SharePoint and looking for the most suitable migration method, then Microsoft has made it simple for you. There is a free SharePoint Migration Tool available, which can be downloaded and used to perform the migration. Additionally, you can also use a Virtual Desktop on Azure to increase efficiency.

Here is a simple guide to complete the SharePoint-to-SharePoint migration for a site with Kernel Migrator:

1. Download and install the Kernel Migrator. Choose the ‘Migration To’ option on the toolbar and then select SharePoint Server.

You can also pick the ‘SharePoint’ option below the menu and then choose SharePoint to SharePoint Migration.

2. Select the Add button.

3. Choose the first option of ‘Site’ between the 3 options – Site, Item, and List/Library. Click on Next.

4. Select the drop-down to choose the registered source. It will display all the available SharePoint Sites. Choose the Site and select the Folder icon.

5. Expand the site as well as its subsites. You can pick any subsite and choose the whole site. Then press OK.

6. The tool records the site. Now choose your preference from Edit Source Section, Remove All and Add. Then click Next.

7. The ‘Select Site Copy Options’ page creates the alternative to transfer the site.

Options available are:

  • Migrate existing site – Choose this option to transfer the site if the target site exists already on the target SharePoint.
  • Migrate New Site – Choose this option to duplicate the Source Site as a new Site on target. Choosing it activates the guided textbox, in which you can input the updated site name.
  • Migrate site collections(s) – Choose this option to copy the new site as a site collection. Selecting it enables the accompanying section, where you have to input the details like Central Admin URL.

8. Select the drop-down Site URL and choose the Site. Then press the Browse button.

9. Expand the Site to select the sub-sites and then hit the OK button.

10. The software builds its connection with the chosen target SharePoint Server.

11. The tool incorporates the site and gives you the target site which you have selected. Click on Next.

12. The ‘Site Migration Options’ offers several alternatives that can be utilized for the migration. Choose as per your requirement.

13. Choose the needed alternatives in List/Library Migration Options.

14. There are multiple filtering options. Select the desired options. Click on Next after the filter is applied.

15. Tick the option to ‘Migrate Permissions.’ Click on Next.

16. Select the Scheduling options between Execute Immediate and Schedule. Click on Next.

17. The tool offers a summary of your preferences for the source and target SharePoint Servers. Click on Next.

18. The tool begins the migration. Hit the Finish button.

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