Car video recorder installed on a rear view mirror

There are all kinds of interesting gadgets you can buy and use in your car nowadays. Modern GPS devices, for example, make it easier than ever for drivers to get around from place to place and explore new areas without the need for traditional paper maps, while state-of-the-art vehicle sensors are helping to make the roads safer for all.

Dash cams, otherwise known as dashboard cameras, are another example of a relatively recent technological innovation that is seeing a huge surge in popularity with drivers from all walks of life. Trusted by taxi drivers, truck drivers, bus drivers, driving instructors, and other professionals too, as well as millions of members of the public, these little cameras have a lot to offer.

They’re designed to sit on the dashboard of the vehicle, able to record both audio and video in any direction the user likes. Usually, they’re positioned facing forwards, looking out onto the road ahead and filming everything that happens, providing drivers with a verifiable video log of their driving journeys. But why would you want a dash cam and what can it do for you? Here are some big benefits.

Evidence of Accidents

One of the main reasons why people get dash cams fitted to their vehicles is so that they have video evidence to rely on if any accidents happen. At a time when approximately six million auto accidents occur on American roads every single year, it’s easy to see why so many drivers are eager to have this kind of device. Just like we get nest cameras to secure our home, similarly, dash cams is also for our security.

Often, when accidents happen, there can be discrepancies and disagreements about who is to blame. Some drivers simply refuse to accept any kind of responsibility and will take their case all the way to court, and insurance adjusters will try to do anything they can to minimize the amount their companies have to pay out. If you have a dash cam, you have the evidence you need to deal with these kinds of issues and prevent a lot of unnecessary drama.

Dealing with Reckless Drivers

In an ideal world, every road user would be safe, sensible, and responsible. Unfortunately, in the real world, things don’t quite work that way. There are plenty of reckless drivers out there, including people who drive under the influence of those who suffer from road rage and engage in dangerous behavior towards other road users.

Encountering these kinds of people can be scary and intimidating, but if you have a dash cam fitted to your car, it can be the perfect solution to the problem. The camera records everything, so if you’re driving behind a drunk driver and see them swerving around, or if you encounter someone suffering from road rage behaving badly, you’ll have a full video and audio recording to share with the authorities, should you need to.

Keeping Track of Your Vehicle’s Usage

Dash cams have many other uses and benefits you might not think of right away, in addition to gathering evidence and keeping you safe from unruly drivers. For example, they allow you to keep track of how and when you vehicle is used.

Let’s say that you’re a worried parent, wanting to make sure that your teenage child doesn’t use your car while you’re out of town. Well, the dash cam will be able to record everything that happens when the vehicle is active, so you’ll be able to know exactly what has or hasn’t happened during your absence. Or, in another example, if you lend your car to a friend or colleague, the camera feed will let you see exactly how they used and treated your vehicle.

Recording Road Trips and Journeys

You can even rely on your dash cam as a kind of secondary video camera when it comes to taking road trips and vacations with your friends and family. The camera will record everything, and you can find some really high quality dash cams that record in crystal clear quality, perfect for editing clips into your home videos.

You can leave the dash cam running as you head off on your next road trip, for example, and then edit the footage when you get home, re-watching special moments, admiring the beautiful scenery you passed along the way, cherishing the memories of your trip, and making your own fun clips to share with friends and family or upload online.

Final Word

These are just some of the many benefits of owning a dash cam, and you might discover even more awesome advantages as time goes by. In short, these cameras have a lot to offer and are certainly worthy of consideration for driving enthusiasts, frequent travelers, and those who care for their family’s safety get Vivint cameras and use their hacks to stay safe.