While it may not seem like it, you would be surprised by how much time many of us actually end up spending in our bathrooms and washrooms. It only makes sense, then, that many of us prioritize making these spaces some of the nicest ones in our homes. Often, it is one of the first spaces that homeowners renovate.

In particular, showers and baths seem to be some of the best aspects to renovate sooner rather than later. Today, we are here to explore some stories of transformations of these spaces, so stay tuned if you want to see some before and after examples! Of course, you can get an idea of what to expect on this page as far as renovations go, but we’ll cover it in further depth as well.

Updating Older Baths and Showers

Some of the most compelling examples of a notable change is when we decide to finally update an older bathroom and all the fixtures within. A lot of us have purchased or inherited homes that were last updated in the seventies or eighties. Often, the tiling is an outdated color and the shower itself just is not up to the current par.


Let us think of an example here. In this case, the bathroom was incredibly outdated and in desperate need of a makeover. Some of the biggest issues were that the shower tiles were cracked and discolored, the bathtub had seen better days with its chipped enamel, and the overall design felt extremely dull and lifeless. It was clear to the homeowner that this space needed to be transformed, but they were not sure how to do it.

This is when they decided to bring in a shower install company to help make those coveted updates. During the renovation process, the shower tiles were completely removed, revealing the damaged walls underneath. The bathtub was also taken out to make way for a new, more modern fixture. Because of this, with the help of the professional company, the space was gutted and prepared for a fresh start.


As you can see, the shower and bathtub renovations resulted in a breathtaking transformation. The shower walls were elegantly tiled with sleek, neutral-colored tiles that helped to bring a sense of sophistication to the space. A stylish glass door was installed to replace the old, outdated shower curtain, giving the bathroom a more open and airier feel – the pinnacle of modern design.

Of course, there was also the bath to think about. The bathtub was replaced with a luxurious soaking tub that had a lovely white enamel finish. Of course, it was a stark contrast to the worn and chipped bathtub that once occupied the space. This new addition turned the bathroom into a true oasis, inviting relaxation and tranquility – something that many of us are looking for.

To complete the renovation, new fixtures and hardware were installed throughout the bathroom. The old, dull faucets were replaced with sleek, modern ones that added a touch of elegance to the space. Additionally, new lighting fixtures were hung to illuminate the area, adding brightness and a sense of freshness.

While the homeowners managed some of those finishing touches, the stars of the show remained in the shower and the bathtub. Those were expertly managed by a team of contracted professionals. What was once a tired, outdated space is now a luxurious and inviting oasis. The revamped shower and bathtub serve as the focal points of the room, giving it a modern and stylish upgrade that is sure to impress guests and provide a relaxing haven for the homeowners.

Revamping Renovations

Of course, our next before and after story is similar, but the homeowners were seeking to revamp their bathroom after they had not renovated it in at least a decade. After looking at magazines like this one: https://www.granddesignsmagazine.com/bathroom/bathroom-trends-for-2024/, they were inspired to make a change.


Prior to the renovations, the bathroom had an old, worn-out shower and bathtub that were well past their prime. Unfortunately, the tiles were discolored, and the grout had become filthy and hard to clean after years of wear and tear. It was clear, a change needed to be made.

Additionally, the bathtub enamel was chipped and scratched, making it look unkempt and unappealing. The overall aesthetic was dated and lacked any sense of style, which made it a challenge for the homeowners to enjoy their space as they hoped to when they initially got the home.

Now, they realized early on that they would not be able to do it on their own. While there are some DIY projects that homeowners can take on, like these, shower and bath installations aren’t among them. This is why they called in professionals to help them get their dream bathroom.

During the renovation process, the old shower tiles were painstakingly removed and replaced. The old bathtub was removed to make space for a new one as well. The bathroom was stripped down to its bare bones, ready for a complete makeover.


As you can guess, the shower and bathtub renovations breathed new life into the bathroom. It was transformed into a stunning and inviting space, a stark contrast from the shabbiness that pervaded it prior.

One of the focused areas was of course the shower. This area was completely revamped with exquisite tiles in a beautiful pattern, giving it a fresh and modern look inspired by the trends of today. The grout was also replaced, leaving a clean and seamless finish that offered the much needed update the homeowners were looking for.

On top of that, the old bathtub was replaced with a luxurious freestanding tub, bringing a touch of elegance to the room. Like the prior example, the new tub was made from high-quality materials with a flawless coat of enamel, leaving it looking brand new and shining, matching the rest of the room beautifully.

If you have been considering renovating your bathroom and updating your shower or bath, hopefully these stories have helped inspire you!