Nobody ever actually wants a reason to have a plumber come by, but everyone is certainly glad when they show up. That’s because plumbers have the know-how to fix and maintain some of the most important systems in your home: the ones that bring water into your home and the ones that take wastes away.

Of course, these aren’t the only jobs they do. You may be surprised that there are other systems your plumber can install and maintain. Plumbers are pretty versatile professionals. Listed below are 4 things that a plumber can do for you.

General repairs and cleaning

These are some of the more mundane duties plumbers have. If you have a clog in your toilet, a leaky shower faucet, or a bad smell coming out of your kitchen sink, he’s your guy.

Plumbers have the specialist equipment to remove whatever may have gotten jammed down in your pipes (most likely a toddler’s toy), stop that drip that is driving you crazy at night, and they offer drain cleaning services to get rid of that odor in your kitchen.

Your plumber can also replace the lead piping in your older house, so it conforms to modern-day health standards.

Therefore, the next time you think any of these jobs are small enough that you can save some money and do them yourself, don’t. Get a qualified plumber.

Installing water heaters

People are normally surprised to learn the plumbers can absolutely install and fix their water heater if necessary. They can also tell you what you need to know about water heater replacement when you want to switch over to a more environmentally friendly model, or if your old one suddenly springs a leak. A plumber can advise you to look for signs that your water heater is about to stop working, including rust in the water, running out of hot water too quickly, and low water pressure. They can also assist with things that cause them to stop working, i.e. the replacement of damaged parts and flushing the water heater to prevent sediment build-up

So, before you call your hardware or an electrician regarding your water heater, try your plumber.

Bathroom and kitchen remodel

You’ve gone to the home design store and lovingly picked out new mirrors backsplash tiles, cupboards, and fixtures. You’ve contacted your decorator and are coordinating paint colors with the “Mediterranean” theme you’re planning. Be sure to also talk to your plumber to find out if your current piping system can handle the volume of water your new faucets are designed to deliver.

No point in installing three high-pressure showerheads only to receive a frustrating trickle of water when you turn on the tap. A plumber will tell you what you need and upgrade your system if necessary.

Your plumber should be involved in any major upgrade that involves the movement of toilets, shower stalls, vanity sinks, and bathtubs. This is definitely not a do-it-yourself project. If you improperly connect any of the piping, you could have potential health and even fire hazards because of the electrical wiring running in your bathroom.

Worse, on top of an expensive bathroom renovation, your plumber now has to come and tear up your bad workmanship to fix what’s wrong at an additional cost.

Plumbers also are qualified to advise and draw schematics of where piping and drainage should go in your new home when you’re building it. They should definitely be a member of the team when drawing up your house plans.

Septic tank and sewer line repairs and replacement

It’s the reality of owning a house nobody really likes to deal with, but the wastes have to go somewhere. That is through your sewer line and to your septic tank. Out of every leak you absolutely pray you don’t get, the sewer line leak is the worst.

Sewer line leaks are smelly and unhygienic. If it backs up into your shower, bathtub, or toilet and onto your floors, microbes in that water can make you very ill. Even the fumes are noxious and can cause headaches and nausea. If you are buying an older house, have a plumber inspect the sewer lines for cracks and other damage and replace them if necessary to avoid expensive repairs down the road. This also gets very crucial if you are in some business like selling food on swiggy because then one might question your business ethics.

If you are building a new home, your plumber can tell you where is the best place to locate your septic tank as well as advise on its long-term care, so you don’t have to face another repair prematurely.