Air Conditioner Couple Sneezing And Having Sore Neck

Owning an AC unit is a huge comfort, especially when you live somewhere hot. You can simply turn it on to keep your cool and feel more relaxed when you’re indoors. If you want to feel more relaxed just get thermostats to control the temperature. However, there may be instances when your reliable air conditioner will start to malfunction and fail to cool the inside of your home. When this occurs, it’s helpful to know what you can do to address the situation. Here are the things you can do to make your AC work properly again.

1. Check The Settings

Hot days are more bearable when you have an air conditioning unit at home. You can turn it on to cool yourself off and feel more comfortable when staying indoors. Although using an AC is simple since you only need to switch it on, there may be times when it could act up and not function the way you want it to.

If you observe that the room you’re staying in isn’t cooling even after turning on the air conditioner, you may want to check if the settings are set correctly. One common reason why your AC may not be working well is simply due to its thermostat settings. You may have accidentally switched it to work as a fan, so the air coming out of the unit isn’t adjusted.

If your AC system is a window-type unit with circular dials for temperature adjustment, check if the parts are loose. There may be instances where you only need to twist the handle and not the connecting gears that control the unit’s system. That could be the reason why your room may feel hot even when you’ve dialed up all the settings to the maximum.

2. Get It Checked

Installation service fix repair maintenance of an air conditioner indoor unit, by cryogenist technican worker checking the air filter in blue shirt and baseball cap

Your cooling system will require maintenance work after a while. Like any other appliance, the efficiency of your AC may falter after being used regularly for an extended period. If you want to ensure that it’s working well, you should schedule it for a checkup to see if all the parts are in good condition.

There may be damaged or worn-out parts inside the AC, causing it to malfunction and not cool the room. For instance, the condenser coils responsible for absorbing heat and converting it to cool air may be full of dirt and dust. If they’re dirty, the performance of your unit will be compromised. Thus, you won’t feel a change in the room temperature even after turning on your AC.

You can hire an HVAC expert to inspect your cooling system to see if a faulty part causes the problem. You can search if there’s an AC service company within your area and schedule a checkup with them. For instance, if you’re from Virginia, you can simply look for air conditioning Fairfax Station VA services to get your cooling unit checked.

Once someone inspects your air-cooling system, ask if you need to get some parts repaired or replaced. You may be required to purchase the necessary items to fix your unit, so be prepared to spend some money to make your air conditioner work again. It would be best if you invest in high-quality parts so that they could last you for a long time.

3. Remove Any Ice Buildup

One common problem you can encounter with your AC is the buildup of ice inside the evaporator coil. Instead of getting cool air come out of your unit, you’ll only feel a very mild breeze from the ducts since the central system is blocked. As a result, the room temperature won’t drop even after turning on your air conditioner.

If you see that the interior of your AC is covered with ice, try to turn it off for a while. See if the ice will thaw on its own after some time. Once you think the coils are clean, you can test the performance of your unit.

You may also use a hair dryer or blower to speed up the melting process. Also, avoid using sharp objects to scrape off the ice inside the evaporator and coils since they may puncture holes or damage the cooling system.

4. Check If Anything Is Blocking The Unit

Most air conditioners require their condenser unit to be located outdoors. This is because they need to release the heat-processed by the cooling coils. In case there’s a blockage in the condenser, your unit won’t work properly. It could either produce less cool air or have a weak breeze that’s not enough to decrease the temperature in the room. You should ensure that your AC is working well, especially if it takes up a considerable portion of your bills. After all, you’d want to get the most out of the money you’re spending on your utilities.

Before you start to take your AC system apart to inspect it, check if there’s something in your property that’s blocking the condenser. A tree branch may prevent the hot air from coming out, which causes your cooling system to malfunction. Try to trim any leaves or stems near your AC’s location to ensure that it won’t be blocked again.

Final Thoughts

It can be frustrating whenever your air conditioning unit isn’t working as well as you want it to. It’ll be difficult to endure a hot day and feel comfortable inside your own home. So, if you observe that your unit seems to have some problems, you should try to address them as soon as possible. You can check if you turned it on with the correct settings or ask for help from a professional to fix your AC system. This way, you can get it to work well and produce cool air.