Imagine you’re ready to binge-watch your favourite Netflix show on a quiet afternoon and find the perfect position on your couch or bed. However, you soon find out that the TV is out of reach and you need to stretch your neck with supernatural abilities to enjoy the show. Not too pleasant, is it?

In these difficult moments, you might want the TV to magically align with yourself so you don’t have to do anything. If this picture sounds familiar, you should seriously consider a motorised TV mount for your home. In this article, we’ll review why it’s not just an advantageous solution but also, quite simply, super cool!

A Problem-Solver

The first and most immediate feature of a motorized TV mount such as the ones from Maior is how easily they make your TV watchable from almost any angle. Depending on the model, you can adjust the height and tilt of your TV.

It’s not just useful for more comfort. It can also be helpful when you have large gatherings, and not everyone can watch the action without the TV being moved. In such cases, and especially for large screens, it’s an invaluable tool.

Later on, we’ll explore how it can enhance your home design. However, the ultimate enhancement might very well be the TV’s disappearance from a room. Some mounts can make the TV retract back to an “invisible” place, saving space and offering a clean aesthetic.

Using a TV mount is a great way to keep children away from TVs and control their exposure, too. But why motorised? Even though regular TV mounts might allow you to customise the position, nothing beats the comfort of doing it by pushing a few buttons on your remote.

A Touch of Luxury


Let’s face it: houses are shrinking in size, making it more difficult for those with home design inclinations to show off their skill and develop elegant spaces. As unlikely as it may seem, a motorised TV bracket can help.

If you consider this item little more than a glorified version of a TV placeholder, think again! By pressing a button, the TV can elegantly glide down like something straight out of a sci-fi movie. It’s the perfect companion for a modern, elegant home design.

Because of its flexibility, you get extra room for your ideas, even if the futuristic feel of this gadget isn’t your cup of tea. You can even use its “disappearing” feature to combine with your other decorative elements, both when present and in the TV’s absence.

It’s also ideal for creating the right ambiance many seek when going to the cinema. You can turn off the lights and make the TV come down from the heavens (metaphorically speaking), adding a lot of extra enjoyment to the premise.

An Ideal Companion for Your TV

Hopefully, by now, you know a motorised TV bracket is not just where you place a TV screen. Rather, it extends the TV’s usage by incorporating a new element: mobility. It does so in unexpected ways, and it’s one of those things you simply don’t understand how you could live without before getting one.

Be it for comfort, bringing some luxury, or adding an element of surprise to your home, these marvels of technology are the best accessories for your TV.