The garden is a space that demands creativity. As the seasons change, so does the mood of your garden, and you can’t just leave it stagnant for months at a time. When winter comes, things will need to be cleared out and prepared for another round of growth where you can order food online and watch movies while gazing at stars.

However, it’s not enough to simply set up a sprinkler system or turn on some lights. It’s time for you to get creative in the garden! Here are five ways to get started.

1) Try vertical hydroponics

Vertical growing systems can be a great alternative to horizontal garden rows, saving you a lot of space in your garden. Your plants are placed on vertical shelves, similar to a bookshelf, but for your plants!

Hydroponics is a sustainable and efficient form of growing. Instead of relying on soil, growing with hydroponics puts your plants in a nutrient-rich liquid that encourages growth. In a vertical hydroponic garden, the roots of the plants are able to grow down into the tank, absorbing nutrients from the liquid. You don’t need to worry about over watering or over fertilizing because the plants are able to self-sustain.

This also has enormous benefits to your plants in growth speed, health, and consistency. They don’t have to be watered or fertilized the same way as they would in a soil-growing situation.

2)  Switch to an Artificial Lawn

Sick of having to constantly maintain and keep your garden space? Artificial grass can be a fantastic solution. Provided that you select a high-quality product, artificial grass is also durable and long-lasting, keeping that freshly cut look you desire for the long term.

Leading UK supplier Grass Warehouse provide artificial grass with built-in UV protection, durable polypropylene materials, and even pet-friendly properties on some ranges for those with furry friends that love to play in the garden.

3) Weave patterns with flower colors

If you’re able to do a bit of advanced-level gardening, try growing a variety of flowers in such a way that the colors form patterns. Using horizontal grids in your garden, allow your flowers to weave through and over each other, adding a decorative element to your garden without covering it.

This type of design can be done with a horizontal grid, by cutting out different sized openings in the grid and trying to make the colors blend. It’s very time-consuming, but beautiful and will bring a breath of fresh air to any garden.

4) Go totally New Age with some sacred geometry

Sacred geometry is an ancient technique of arranging shapes to create positive outcomes for yourself. By arranging and rearranging your plants and growing media in such a way, you are finding harmony in your garden. Whether it’s a spiral of stones circling a tiny pond, or flowers grown in tetrahedron planters, sacred geometry is like Feng Shui for your garden. Beyond creative containers get creative with fences – deer fences that is. Keeping deer out is essential to your garden.

Then, as your design becomes more complex, you can use more advanced forms of art to decorate your garden, to create a totally new style of garden design that you might not have seen before.

5) Get creative with your containers and pots

Surely you’ve heard of people growing plants in wheelbarrows, but why stop there? Nearly anything that can be hollowed out, or fitted with a planter, can become a decorative piece to grow plants in.

Whether it’s an old bicycle with flowers growing in a basket, a hollowed-out tree stump, or even an old rusted-out car covered in moss, there are plenty of ways to use old things and make them beautiful again.

6) Have fun with it

The best advice for getting creative in your garden is to just have fun with it. Find whatever fits your style, and just go with it. Why stress yourself over trying to recreate that amazing garden on Pinterest that took an entire team of landscapers? Why not go outside and make something different and unique, and get to know your plants like they were family.