Dryer issues are not only annoying but can be extremely dangerous. In 2010, over 2,000 home dryer fires were reported, which resulted in over $35,000,000 in property damage. Most dryer repairs can be done in an hour and don’t require a brand-new appliance. The dryer repair fixes we’re going over will help cover most of the issues, but if problems persist, a scheduled service call may be needed. Although the issues may take an hour to complete, it’s helpful to leave yourself an extra hour to diagnose the problem and find the needed parts.

Common Dryer Issues

Dryer Clock Will Not Count Down

If your dryer clock/timer is not decreasing as time goes on, then you may have a motor issue that is causing an electrical short.

  • Detach the power cord to the dryer to ensure it’s no longer on. Once the dryer is off, you can remove the control box, which may require some screws to be taken out.
  • Depending on your dryer, you may need to remove the end of the panel to start testing the clock/timer. You may remove this piece to attempt some tests on it.
  • Now that the clock/timer is removed you can test that the meter is reading between 2000-3000 ohms. If your readings are outside of this, you will need to buy a replacement motor and install it the same way you removed it from the dryer.

Dryer Isn’t Completing a Cycle Hot

If you’re running laundry and your dryer is taking too long to dry, you may have a blower wheel malfunction.

  • First, let’s make sure your lint filter is not damaged. Remove your filter and use a soft brush to remove any lint on the filter and inside the slot.
  • Once you have removed the filter and cleaned it, you can now wash the filter in water with a touch of soap. If you notice any damage to the filter, you will need to replace it as the lint trap isn’t working.
  • If the problem is not fixed, then we can work on checking the blower wheel. Unplug and disconnect your dryer from the outlet to ensure it’s not active.
  • Locate the blower wheel from the back of your dryer. You will need to remove the back panel to see the wheel.
  • Once you have located the wheel, grab it, and make sure it’s firm and not moving from the appliance. You should eliminate any dust or objects that may be infiltrating the wheel.
  • You can test that the wheel is working if you had to remove any objects, but if everything was clear you will need to take the wheel off and inspect it. You can unscrew it and look for any signs of wear and tear. If you see any damage, you will need to replace the wheel and install it in the same way you took it off.

Dryer Turns Off Too Fast

If your dryer is turning off too fast, you may have a moisture issue. The timer has electrical wiring that communicates with sensors that operate the dryer’s cycle.

  • Unplug your dryer and ensure that it’s not connected to the outlet.
  • Open your dryer doors and locate the sensors. Most dryers will have sensors located on the ceiling within the appliance.
  • Take a towel and clean off the sensor. If any dust or object is stuck to it, then the sensor will malfunction.
  • Add a load of wash and see if the clothing is wet after the cycle is complete. If the clothes are still wet, then you will need to replace the sensor and the dryer should be fixed.

Dryer Will Not Start a Load

If your dryer will not start and your door is closed, then you potentially will just need a new door switch. When a dryer door is shut properly, the door switch communicates to the dryer’s electrical base that it’s okay to start.

  • Unplug your dryer and ensure that it’s away from the outlet.
  • Open the door of your dryer and find the plunger that is near the bay of the door. If there isn’t a plunger or it’s bent, then you will need to replace it.
  • Next, you will need to take off the panel so you can locate the door switch.
  • Once you’re able to find the door switch on the dryer, you can now take off the service panel which is at the back of the appliance. If you notice that the thermal fuse is broken, you will need to call a repair service to fix the dryer.
  • Apply a new door switch and insert it the same way you remove it. Once everything is set back up you can test the dryer to see if it will turn on. If the dryer doesn’t work after installing a new switch, you will need additional help and should call assistance.

Before attempting any dryer repair, make sure the appliance is unplugged so nothing electrical is going through the appliance. If a fix can’t be made within an hour or two, it’s important to call a dryer repair specialist to prevent further damage.