You love your fibreglass pool, and you want it to last for a long time, naturally. This requires proper maintenance starting as soon as possible. Below, we’ll discuss 10 of the best tips for keeping your fibreglass pool in good working order from using a cover to opting for pool resurfacing.

Tip #1: Be Vigilant

As a pool owner, you need to make sure you are always vigilant when it comes to your pool. When you are skimming the pool or swimming in it, be aware of any potential issues. Even small cracks, chips, etc. can be a sign of bigger problems to come. This also means that you shouldn’t ignore problems when they arise. They only tend to get worse when you do.

Tip #2: Use a Pool Cover

There are going to be days when you aren’t going to use the pool. On those days, it’s best to keep it covered. Sunlight is powerful and it has the potential to damage the pool over time. When you cover the pool, it also means less water evaporation, which can make it easier to ensure the pH levels are correct. It also means weather, such as rain, won’t affect the water chemistry. Of course, there is also the added benefit of not having any wildlife end up in the pool.

Tip #3: Check the Water Chemistry

For a healthy pool that’s safe for you and the family, and that won’t end up damaging the fibreglass or causing growth that can be hard to clean, check the water chemistry. You need to have the proper levels of chlorine, the right pH levels, etc. You can and should check the water chemistry regularly. You may find it’s easier to hire a professional to come and do this for you.

Tip #4: Run the Pool Filter

All types of pools will need to have a filter system to help keep it clean and in good shape. This includes fibreglass pools like yours. You should run the system once per day, and just a single circulation tends to be all that’s needed. This will help to keep the water clear and free of debris that might otherwise cause problems.

Tip #5: Use a Good Robotic Pool Cleaner

What about the bottom and sides of the pool? You want to keep those areas well-maintained, too, and the best way to do this is with a robotic pool cleaner. These items can be pricey. You could hire someone to bring out a cleaner if you don’t want to buy one of your own.

Whether you have someone do this type of cleaning or you buy one of the robots yourself, it can help to ensure the cleanliness of your pool. It’s well worth it.

Tip #6: Always Use Quality Products

Everything, from the chemicals you put into the water to the skimmer, filter, pool cleaning tools, etc. should be high-quality. You spent a lot of money on your pool, and it deserves to be taken care of with the right tools.

Tip #7: Keep the Right Water Level

It tends to be a good idea to keep the pool water level above the skimmer. This helps to ensure there is enough weight to balance pressure that could be coming from groundwater and that could damage the pool if you aren’t careful.

Tip #8: Take Care of Stains Quickly

If you notice any stains on the fibreglass pool, you will want to remove them right away. Often, just a small amount of soap and some gentle scrubbing can remove them. Some might be stubborn, though, and should be handled by professionals.

Tip #9: Hire Someone for Regular Maintenance and Cleaning

One of the best things you can do is hire someone to come out to your pool once a week or once every other week to maintain it. The professionals can take care of the cleaning for you. They already have all of the tools that are needed for the job. They also have the experience to take care of the maintenance and spot any potential problems with your pool that may need to be addressed.

Tip #10: Consider Resurfacing If Needed

Finally, you might want to consider resurfacing your pool. This can be done as part of the regular maintenance if it’s needed. It involved removing and replacing the top layer of the pool’s surface. This helps to remove any sorts of issues like rough areas or cracks, for example. Once it has been resurfaced, it can be sealed, and then it will be as good as new.

If you are going to opt for pool resurfacing, you should always choose professionals with a good reputation and plenty of experience, like Perth Pool Co. Find the right company that can help you with your needs today.