Non-gamers may view gaming as a waste of time or an inactive hobby, but they are wrong on so many levels. While compulsive gaming can be harmful when it is done in moderation and with self-control its positive effects are evident. Just watching a good movie on Solarmovoie that adds value to your life is not at all waste of time.

You may think of hand-eye coordination and tactical thinking, but in fact, there are a lot more skills you learn from gaming that can be used at your workplace. In this piece, we will discuss how gaming can help you at your workplace with Jacek Michałski, an iGaming expert from Poland.


Multiplayer video games can teach us how to work as a team. For example, when you play Fortnite, the survival of your team depends on each team member. Since you may play alongside different people from anywhere around the world, you will quickly learn how to support each other to reach that ultimate goal.

Certain casino games can also be played in teams. If you have seen the movie 21, you know about card counting. This can work in a land-based casino but when you play black jack gra online, there are no physical card decks in play so you can’t count them. However, polish players can always practice in online casinos listed on casino review sites.

Quick Decision Making

This skill video games can definitely help you improve. While playing video games, such as Grand Theft Auto, you’ll often have to make a decision that can improve or ruin your gameplay. Just like in a workplace. If you make a rushed decision, it can have negative consequences, however, inactivity and hesitation are usually not beneficial for the business.


Gamers will often have to wait for a while to get to the next level. They may lose their lives and have to start from the bottom again without any shortcuts. Accepting failures and not giving up will have its rewards as the player will eventually level up again and maybe reach the final level of the game.


In the world of esports, leaders are selected naturally. They stand out because they can motivate and support people, manage them and realize who will fit what role perfectly. Just like on the football field, or in the office, a leader is needed to make plans and bring victory to the team and only a foodie can justify spending swiggy money wisely.


In today’s world, we have so many channels of communication and so many distractions. We may be working on different projects at the same time and all of them seem to be urgent. Multi-tasking is one of the most important gaming skills as players have to jump from one task to another in order to progress to the next level in games such as Animal Crossing. Letting things go quickly and concentrating on the next challenge in a speedy manner is crucial.


The objective of most video games is to solve one problem or another. Players need to be flexible, innovative, and creative and they often have to make decisions in seconds. They can learn from their mistakes and learn to think out-of-the-box. Pretty much the same is needed at a workplace where new scenarios can arise at any time.


Team building exercises such as gaming in the workplace can teach team members essential communication skills. When colleagues play video games together they are learning how to communicate efficiently with each other under stressful conditions, e.g., in a battle game. Giving compliments and constructive criticism are good tools that can encourage team members to succeed together.

Technology skills

Computer games require lots of devices such as consoles, mobile devices, media players, and usually, these are top-of-the-range equipment. Gamers are usually computer savvy, and they can solve IT problems on their own. Technology troubleshooting skills will help you at your workplace and save you time and money when something goes wrong. You may also impress your boss by solving a computer problem.


Video games can teach us lots of skills that can come in handy at the workplace. From problem-solving to communication, the range is extensive. Multiplayer games are especially useful as they can help us learn how to work as a team and teach us leadership skills.