Having your own home in the United States’ fifth-largest city comes with many advantages. Did you know that Clarksville was ranked as the Best Place To Live in 2019? It’s no surprise that it’s renowned as the Queen City.

Despite all of the benefits, being a homeowner involves a great deal of responsibility especially when you keep canceling the orders on BigBasket because other family members are not able to make up their minds. Every room of your house, from the kitchen to the living room, must be spotless, which may seem unattainable if you decide to clean it yourself. Thankfully, finding the best carpet cleaners Clarksville TN is extremely simple to assist you with professional cleaning. Yet, if you insist on doing it yourself, here are eight secret tips for a spotless Clarksville house.

1. Gather all of the essential cleaning equipment in one place.

Let’s say you’re cleaning the kitchen and forget to bring the mop from the garage. You rush back from the garage with the mop, only to find out you’ve forgotten the scrubbers too. These types of circumstances might be aggravating at times. Here’s an easy way to stay away from them.

Prepare a caddy with all of the necessary cleaning tools and products so you don’t have to waste time going to the garage every time something is needed. Keeping various cleaning supplies in a caddy will make transporting them around the house when cleaning.

2. Get assistance with heavy lifting.

Do not attempt to move all of the heavy furniture by yourself unless you want to break your back. During your cleaning session, it’s always a good idea to enlist some assistance with the heavier lifting, such as moving the beds, refrigerator, or sofa. You may also hire expert cleaners to clean your home, so you don’t have to strain your back carrying all of the heavy furniture.

3. Get professionals to check for dust in your carpets and upholstery.

Over time, curtains, carpets, and upholstery collect dirt and dust. If you clean it regularly, even a simple dusting will suffice. But, if your carpets and upholstery are covered in dust and grime, it is best to hire carpet cleaners in Clarksville, TN, to clean them. They have the necessary cleaning products and tools to clean your carpets while also removing stains thoroughly. Now you know who to call if you have a large coffee stain on your living room carpet.

4. Disinfect frequently used surfaces

With a pandemic affecting the entire world, you should prioritize cleanliness and hygiene. As a result, it is critical to clean and disinfect frequently used surfaces such as electric switchboards, thermostats, doorknobs, TV remotes, car keys, electronic appliances, etc.

5. Pay special attention to sinks, tubs, and toilets.

Bathroom sinks, toilets, and tubs have brighter surfaces that make visible even the slightest stain or dirt. If these surfaces are not cleaned, they are also more likely to turn yellow over time. Professionals make a point of paying close attention to such surfaces to remove all stains, marks, and dirt.

6. Wipe clean glass surfaces and mirrors

Mirrors, window panes, microwave lids, and electronic displays are susceptible to fingerprints and smudge marks. Wiping with a dry cloth might not produce the best results. Furthermore, it might make the glass dirtier. After spraying the cleaning product, wipe the glass surface with a damp microfiber cloth. All of the marks and fingerprints will be removed by the cleaning spray. Wipe the mirror with another dry cloth to remove any remaining spots. It is the most effective method for cleaning glass surfaces in your home.

7. Fight the limescale with white vinegar and baking soda.

The minerals in water can cause limescale buildup in faucets and showerheads. This buildup affects the flow of water and, in some cases, completely blocks it. You’d be surprised to learn that you can easily remove stubborn grime and buildup with vinegar, baking soda, and a bag. Simply follow these steps:

  • Fill a normal-sized sandwich bag with some white vinegar and baking soda.
  • Submerge the faucet or showerhead entirely in the bag’s liquid.
  • Using a rubber band or tape, wrap the bag around the showerhead or faucet.
  • Allow the bag to sit for 2 hours before removing it.
  • Check the flow of water by turning on the tap or showerhead.
  • Enjoy your limescale-free, shiny faucet and showerhead.

8. Make cleaning your house a team effort.

Who wouldn’t want a clean home? However, no one wants to contribute to cleaning it. Instead of doing everything yourself, assign different cleaning tasks to your family members to create a team activity for everyone. You will not only have fun cleaning, but you will also complete your tasks in less time.

These are eight secret cleaning tips for cleaning your Clarksville home. Don’t hesitate to contact local professional cleaners to have your house cleaned by experts.