Plumbers toolbox, plunger, pipe wrench and sink trap on a tiled floor with exposed pipes in the background

It is a common misconception that you can use any cleaner on your drains to solve the issue. Besides, there are many different types of clogs, and each has its own solution. Nevertheless, if you want the best possible result, it is crucial to know what type of clog your drain has to avoid using the wrong cleaner. Notably, there will be no more guesswork when it comes to solving your drain problems with these six tricks.

1. Use the Right Clog Remover for the Job

The fastest and most efficient way to get your drains to flow freely is to use a professional-grade drain cleaner. Furthermore, having a handy, professional-strength product from drain cleaners in Harlow can save you time and money. Also, the ideal clog remover should tackle elements such as plucks hair, grease, and gunk from your drains without the use of harsh chemicals or fumes.

2. Never Force a Drain Cleaning Product Through Your Drain

Using a force bottle, such as a soda bottle or shoe polish bottle to squirt cleaning product down your drain is not the correct way to unclog your drain. Moreover, the bottle could easily break or get stuck in the p-trap, causing severe issues when you pull it out. Besides, some of these bottles may not even have a valve to allow the product to come out.

3. Chemical Drain Cleaners Are Not the Answer

Chemical drain cleaners can cause irreparable damage to your pipes, surrounding grout, and equipment. Besides, it is common for chemical drain cleaners to eat away at the interior of your tubes, forming holes that allow for a loss of water pressure. This leaves you with a bigger problem than you initially had.

4. Is That Smell Coming From Your Drain?

Your DIY drain cleaning attempts may be the source of that foul-smelling odour. Notably, the chemicals in drain cleaners could be strong enough to leave a lingering smell if not taken care of properly.

5. One Product For Many Applications

If you have tried everything and still aren’t getting the best results, then your clog may be a bit more than what some drain cleaner can handle. In these cases, it is best to call in a reputable drainage company and allow them to take care of your drain issue before you have bigger problems.

6. Avoid Using Commercial Drain Uncloggers

Commercial drain uncloggers are guaranteed to not work because they are made for clogs broken down by household chemicals. Additionally, these products will not work on a build-up of organic matter, such as food or grease.

Clogged Drain Maintenance Tips

If you have not noticed the problem, here are some signs you will want to watch for

  • Slow draining water.
  • A drain that won’t drain at all.
  • Water backing up into your sink or tub when you flush the toilet.
  • A sewer odour emanating from your sink or tub area.


A clogged drain is not a big deal and can be fixed easily. However, most people try to use harsh chemicals or items they find around the house, which will not help and will end up ruining your thermostats. Nevertheless, when clogged drains become an issue, it is best to call in an expert, or soon you will find yourself spending your swiggy money. Give it a try on the tricks mentioned above and let us know what best works for you.