Are you looking for tips to keep your home warm during winter? Covering any cracks in your walls, using heavy curtains, and letting sunlight in during the day are some excellent tips to try. Read ahead if you want to know what the rest are.

Let Sunlight in During the Day

Sunlight consists mostly of UV rays. Letting as much of it during the day would be smart. Your house would absorb this radiant heat unless you want to keep resetting your thermostats.

Move Your Furniture

Heat moves differently depending on a home’s layout. Find out which spots in your house are hotter/colder than the others. Moving your furniture to these warmer spots would be ideal.

Cover Your Walls

Cover your walls to help with insulation. You can press bookshelves against them, as well as hang large picture frames and mirrors. You’ll be able to save up to 1 C minimum.

Seal Gaps

Check whether there are cracks in your walls. Heat would escape from them. Some of these cracks could be small. So, inspect carefully.

You can use caulk to seal them. But depending on the humidity of where you live, the type of caulk you’ll have to use would differ.

While you’re at it, look for any crevices between your windows. They will let warm air escape too.

Replace Your Windows

You might have to replace your windows to make your home look better. They may not be made from very insulative materials. Ideally, you would go for replacement windows that have double paned glass. They would have thick layers of air between their glass sheets.

Admittedly, replacing your windows is the priciest suggestion on my list. However, it can help keep you the warmest, and thus, cut your utility costs the most during winter.

Doing some research before shopping would be a pro-tip. If you’re in Winnipeg window manufacturer companies are easy to find. You’ll be able to find a seller that charges reasonable rates.

You’re also lucky if you’re in Toronto huge line of vinyl replacement windows are available. Shopping around to find the cheapest seller would be a piece of cake here as well (and vinyl replacement windows are more insulative than other options, which is a plus).

Go for Heavy Curtains

Check whether your curtains are thick. Swap them for thicker counterparts if they aren’t. They would be more of a barrier to prevent heat from escaping. Similar to when buying replacement windows, the key to saving would be shopping around.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you found all the points discussed helpful. They will help keep all kinds of houses warm. Making use of them will help you save too, which anyone would appreciate.

Letting sunlight in during the day would be the easiest trick to try. You would let your furniture absorb UV rays. Opting for thicker curtains if you happen to own thinner options would also help keep your home warm. They would be thicker barriers that will stop as much warm air leaving.