Dealing with a noisy air conditioner is frustrating, especially if the sound is high-pitched or comes with loud banging sounds. When you hear these sounds, it means there is a potential problem with your unit that should be looked at.

Here are some of the reasons your AC could be so loud, as well as some fixes that you could try before calling your AC repair company.

Loose Parts or Screws

Loose parts or screws in your AC system can contribute to a rattling noise. You might also hear the rattling noise if your HVAC system is clogged with leaves or twigs. Fans also tend to rattle when they are loose.

It’s easy to tell how loose an AC unit is by how loud it is. The louder the rattling noise, the more out of place the part is. Check for loose bolts or screws in the casing and if you can’t fix it, contact an HVAC contractor immediately to check the loose parts before they further damage your unit.

Fan Motor or AC Capacitor Failure

A humming noise coming from your AC capacitor is an indication that it could be starting to fail. Alternatively, your fan motor could have malfunctioned and may need repair.

An AC capacitor failure could mean that your system might not get that energy boost required for it to run properly. That could be the reason you notice a humming sound originating from your system.

Fan motor failure is common and when it malfunctions, it produces a grinding sound from the inside. Oiling the motor can prevent this noise.

Have an AC expert check your unit to determine if your AC capacitor has a problem or your fan motor could be failing.

Failing Compressor

An AC’s compressor moves the refrigerant through the entire system, which works to spread cold air. If you hear a buzzing noise, that might indicate loose connections on your compressor.

A malfunctioned compressor may also produce a high-pitched noise and may need a replacement. Talk to your HVAC contractor to determine the cause of the malfunctioning compressor and ask for advice on whether it should be repaired or replaced.

Malfunctioning Contactor Relay Switch

Another reason why your AC may be producing unusual noises is a defective contactor relay switch. A contactor relay switch turns the high voltage on/off to the compressor. Defective contactor switches produce an electrical buzzing sound. Replacing the part ensures your unit runs quietly.

Leaks in the Refrigerant Line

Your refrigerant line might leak if your AC is constantly making a hissing noise. That could indicate that refrigerant or air in its gas phase has seeped through the leak. Refrigerant leaks could also result in high energy bills, warm air blowing from your AC vents which will ruin teh whole fun of watching a movie in chilled room.

Have your AC inspected by an experienced technician if you think there’s a leak. He will repair the leak and recharge your unit.

Final Thoughts

A noisy AC can be frustrating and over time could lead to expensive repairs. If you’ve noticed some strange noises coming from your AC, you need to contact a professional and experienced HVAC expert to fix the problem. Remember to schedule regular AC inspections as they will help prevent these unusual sounds by identifying problems early.