EZTV is one of the most popular torrent websites that offer you working TV shows downloading links. However, there are quite a lot of users who are not sure whether they should visit the website or not. Because the website is clearly indulging in illegal activities and so on. So the question Is eztv safe to use?

Well, in this article, I am going to answer this question only. But before I do so, let’s just talk about what is EZTV and why the website is not safe to visit.

So here we go:

What is EZTV?

EZTV is one of the popular torrent websites available out there. The website can be used for downloading full seasons of TV shows and movies. However, the website does not offer any movies streaming at all. But if are looking ahead to download TV shows and web series free of cost, EZTV can be useful for you.

Moreover, the website also offers you a bunch of other options like Show list, calendar, countdown list, and so on. As a result, you will easily be able to know what are the shows that are coming to the website.

However, EZTV website is pretty famous for promoting pirated content. As a result, you will often find the website to be down and not accessible through your network.

Is EZTV illegal?

As mentioned earlier, yes, EZTV is illegal. And the main reason behind this is the content that it promotes. The website does not own any rights of the content that they share. Moreover, on the other hand, these contents fall under copyright laws. As a result, EZTV is simply promoting piracy.

But as of now, there has not been any strict against the website. As it is said that the website is located in a region where copyright laws are not so strong. But still, the website is blocked by different ISP.

Is eztv safe to use?

No, EZTV is not safe to use, and there are quite a lot of reasons behind this. First of all, the obvious reason is that the website is illegal. And browsing the website can get you into legal troubles. Because in many countries, copyright laws are pretty strong. And in such regions, both promoting and indulging with copyright materials can get you into legal trouble.

However, apart from being illegal, the website also has lots of ads that are pretty annoying. Like you will get to see popup ads, inappropriate display ads, and so on. What’s more? There is also a high chance that the website might download some files on your computer without even your concern.

And the files that you download through the website might contain viruses too. As a result, your device will face different issues. Like the performance of your device will get lowered down, you might get to see ads. As well as, it might even mine cryptocurrency without your concern. So it would be a good idea not to visit the website at all. 

What are the top alternatives EZTV?

Since it is not really a good idea to visit EZTV. Hence, it would be a good move to try out EZTV alternatives, which are legal and do not really harm your device in any way.

So let’s just go ahead and have a look at the top alternatives of EZTV:

1. Crackle

First of all, I have Crackle, and it is a legal streaming website from Sony. The website can be used for watching TV shows and movies. As the website is owned by Sony. As a result, you can be sure that there will be no issues with streaming and quality.

The website also has a good collection of Famous TV shows, Anime shows, and movies. And all of the contents are well organized. However, you will get to see ads while watching your favorite series.

But the only thing wrong with the Sony crackle is that it is only available in the USA. So if you are from other parts of the world, you cannot access the website. But you can always use a VPN for the job.

2. Hotstar

The next streaming service that you can use Hotstar. This platform is mainly focused on Indian users, though. And you can use the website for streaming cricket, Indian TV shows, Hotstar originals, and HBO shows. And all of these contents are available at a lower price.

Also, the platform offers you content from different Indian TV channels, too like Star Plus, Life OK, and others. Plus, the platform has lots of originals shows. So overall, it is a pretty great platform where you can watch national and international shows at an affordable price.

3. Popcornflix

Up next, there is the Popcornflix. This one is also one of the newest streaming platforms available out there. Using the website too, you will be able to watch TV shows legally. The website brings you a wide range of original content across different genres like action, comedy, drama, horror and others. And it is said that the website has over 100 TV series.

4. Yahoo View

In the end, I have the Yahoo View. Yahoo view offers you all the contents which were available free of cost on Hulu. And it has a wide range of TV shows across various genres. Like, you will find shows in Drama, Comedy, Reality, Documentries and so on. As well as, you will find lots of cartoon series. However, the only wrong thing with the website is that the categories are not well organized. But you can always use the search option to look for your favorite shows.


So that was all for your question that says, Is eztv safe to use or not. Overall, while EZTV is a great website that you can use for downloading TV shows free of cost. The website is not really safe at all. Hence, it would be a good idea to try out the other legal alternatives. Also, if you have any more questions to ask, then do feel free to comment below.