Having a generator will protect you from power outages because of extreme weather or power line failures. Generators will supply electricity to your home, industry, or any commercial facility during power blackouts. Nuclear energy and natural gas are responsible for the majority of the electricity produced in New Jersey. The EIA reveals that nearly 90% of the electricity used in New Jersey was generated from these two fuel sources.

It is best to choose a reliable generator installation agency in New Jersey to install your generator because they have prior expertise and can handle the installation professionally. In New Jersey, the median cost of whole-house generator installation ranges between $1,438 and $8,083. You could save some money by turning to generator installation experts like Danley in NJ.

What Are the 5 Different Services Offered By A Generator Installation Agency

Check out the most common types of services you can expect from a generator installation company:

Generator Products

Many generator installation agencies are likely to offer generators for sale. They can offer different types of generators, such as whole house generators, inverter generators, gasoline generators, portable generators, diesel generators, solar generators, natural gas generators, etc.

The generator installation agencies will provide generators in different sizes and models. In addition, the home generators will be accessible in a wide variety of kilowatt options, such as 10Kw, 14Kw, 18Kw, 22Kw, 24Kw, 26Kw, 27Kw, 32Kw, 38Kw, 48Kw, 60Kw, and up to 150Kw.


Several generator installation agencies provide consultation services. There are a few companies that offer free consultations, while others offer paid consultation options. The in-home consultation sessions will be conducted to determine the most suitable generator options that match your requirements. After analyzing your needs, the expert team will recommend the ideal generator models.

Generator Installation

The generator installation agencies offer installation services where skilled and licensed workers will install the generator. The experts will find the safest place to install the generator and ensure that it is in compliance with the local codes.

The generator is usually installed between the gas metre and the electric metre, and they will connect a natural gas line to the generator. Then they will attach robust bolts in order to secure the generator.

Generator Repairs

Generators convert fuel into electrical energy and include plenty of components, which is why it is normal that they need repair services due to component failure. The generator installation agencies will send generator mechanics to fix various kinds of repairs, such as:

  • Leakage in the coolant system
  • Cracked engine cylinder head
  • Gauge errors and the breaker box stops working
  • Burnt parts
  • Broken and faulty wiring
  • Fuel system failures (blocked due to sediments, bacteria build-up, a defective fuel pump, and obstructed fuel lines)
  • Outdated, defective, and old belts that have been broken down, frayed, or snapped

Generator Maintenance

Based on whether regular maintenance is performed or not will affect the lifespan of the generator. For instance, the generator will function smoothly for about 10 to 15 years if periodic maintenance is performed.

For whole-house generators, periodic maintenance comprises the following aspects:

  • Removing old air filters and adding new ones
  • Monitoring the wattage capacity of the generator
  • Changing spark plugs
  • Cleaning oil and oil filters
  • Inspecting sediment traps
  • Examining the battery charge
  • Valve clearance
  • Tidying the generator from debris buildup in and out of the enclosure unit.

Bottom Line

Depending on the type and services offered by the generator installation agencies, they can install the generator, offer consultation sessions, provide generator repair and maintenance, etc. Make sure to choose a reliable generator installation agency that has experience installing various types of generators.