‘What is this life if, full of care, we have no time to stand and stare.’ This is a quote from the poem ‘Leisure’ written by W.H. Davies – he wrote it 111 years ago but is still applicable. The main idea is very simple. Being in a hurry and always busy, we do not have the time to admire the beautiful nature around us.

Nature is the Most Powerful Stress-Reliever

Have you ever felt inspired and relaxed in the woods, in the mountains, or next to a waterfall? The energy of nature is undeniable. People doing yoga or other spiritual practices often arrange special tours. They go to the so-called power places. Heavy workload and lack of time can make traveling difficult, but here is a life hack for you: your garden can become your stress-reliever.

Lack of Time for Gardening – How to Optimize Things

Your stress level is very high, and you would love to do some gardening to relax. But who is going to meet the deadlines for submitting an essay? It is time to put an end to this vicious circle of anxiety. There are lots of custom writers who have written hundreds of essays and know how to do it. Entrust your homework to professionals. This will give you more time for a new stress-relieving activity – gardening!

Coping with Tension on a Physical Level

You might find it surprising how many benefits gardening has by affecting our physiology. This list is much longer, but here are some of them:

  • Physical workouts

A garden is a gym where you have to pay no membership fees. Pushing the lawnmower is perfect for training the upper body muscles. Getting down on your hands and knees to plant something is similar to a table-top position in yoga. Walking in your own little park and watering the plants can replace morning exercises.

  • Free vitamin D

When you work on your piece of land, you often get exposed to the sun. It is a perfect source of vitamin D. It provides the growth of calcium within the body. Vitamin D also regulates the level of insulin, and it makes us feel cheerful. Make sure you do not overdose, though. Despite all the benefits, sunscreen protection is a must!

  • Reduction of cortisol

Cortisol is a hormone produced by the body in times of stress. It is easier for the human organism to cope with nervousness in the open than indoors. So the garden is a stress-reliever not only in a metaphorical sense.

  • Eating healthy food

We are what we eat. Growing your own peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, apples, and pears is an excellent idea. Organic food has an undeniable advantage: you know exactly where it comes from—all the more reason for no stress and introducing premium-quality nutrition.

Creativity as a Stress-Buster

Art therapy is an efficient anti-stress pill. Alongside traditional drawing, dancing, and handcrafting, gardening can become a healthy tranquilizer.

  • Unleash your inner creativity

Design the garden of your dreams. Choosing the plants, their colors, and shapes is a great inspirational experience. Moreover, you can create whole compositions and landscapes. Make your yard look like a bit of paradise. You will immediately see the positive changes in your inner world.

  • Create an oasis

Everyone has a desire to escape once in a blue moon. Your yard can become your ‘cave’ when you need some personal space. You can compose music, write poems, or paint pictures in your cozy open-air green hub. Who knows, maybe you even discover a new talent there.

  • Carpe diem

Notice the butterflies sitting on your rose bushes. Breathe in the aromatic scent of the soil after the rain. Watch the ants trying to find shelter. Be captivated with everything right in front of your eyes. Psychologists call it mindfulness. They suggest practicing this technique if you are under stress.

  • Build a sense of belonging

Another psychological aspect that is important for human beings. There are communities of people who are fond of gardening and use herbs to sell food on the big basket. They have meetings, share their ideas and little secrets. Being a part of such a society with the same interests is a powerful anti-stress tool. Besides, making new friends is always beneficial.

Benefits of Gardening for Mental Health

Still not convinced that gardening will help to reduce stress? Check out some benefits below. You will see these changes immediately even if you start with a small vegetable patch.

  • Mood improvement

When you start designing the garden of your dreams, you will feel inspired, and your mood will improve. But not only that. It is a big project that requires a list of things to do. By setting small tasks and goals, you will keep yourself preoccupied. This will fill you with constructive energy and the feeling of satisfaction.

  • Boosting self-esteem

When people are under stress, they tend to underestimate themselves. Psychologists suggest taking care of someone else, of a pet, for instance. Because doing good makes you feel good. You can start off by growing a plant. When you see it growing or blossoming, your sense of self-esteem will boost.

  • Attention improvement

According to studies, outdoor activities can even reduce some symptoms of ADHD. So gardening will definitely help if you have minor issues with concentration. The mechanism is very simple: it teaches you how to focus on things right in front of your eyes. This helps to improve your attention in general.

Final Thoughts

Let us be realistic: not everyone has a green thumb. But there is no reason to stress yourself out. Keep it simple. Do not get overwhelmed by the idea of turning your backyard into the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

Estimate how much time and effort you are willing to invest. By the way, gardening indoors is excellent, too. You can surround yourself with green or colorful plants at home. Common houseplants are perfect air filters. The new aesthetic look of your living space will be a positive change, and this transformation will relieve stress on a daily basis.