If you’re thinking about switching to a different type of heating system, you have several types of fuel options, including propane, natural gas, and oil.

Heating oil generally costs more than natural gas or propane, requires additives and more maintenance as it produces a lot of dirt and soot, which means filters and chimneys have to be cleaned regularly. Natural gas furnaces are more expensive than systems that use heating oil and can take longer to heat your home to the ideal temperature.

While there is no perfect fuel answer for heating your home, cooking, and other purposes, there are many pros to propane from a trusted supplier such as Romeo’s Fuel (https://www.romeosfuel.com/). The initial cost of setting up a new furnace can be pricey if you plan to use it to heat your house, but there are federal, state, and local tax credits that can help offset the cost. It also has a lower overall cost when it comes to maintenance as compared to the other options, and propane heat lasts longer while burning clean, so they don’t compromise the air quality in your home.

Of course, you’ll want more details before setting up propane delivery.

More Efficient and Cost Savings

A propane furnace is more efficient which means you’ll probably save money by switching to propane, especially if you’re currently using oil and if in no mood to cook just use your swiggy money. Not only will you pay a lower price for heating your home, but for maintenance too. If you switch appliances to propane options, like a propane clothes dryer, those appliances are likely to last longer as compared to electronic ones, saving more money as well as the frustration of having to go to a laundromat while you wait for repairs.

Plus, as mentioned, there are usually credits and incentives available that help offset costs if you install a new, high-efficiency propane furnace.

It’s Greener

Of all carbon-based fuels, propane is known to be one of the cleanest. It emits much less greenhouse gas than most other types of energy sources. That means by using propane, you’ll be lessening your impact on the environment. It’s been recognized by the Canadian Alternative Fuels Act for its low emissions and environmental impact, with studies finding 38 percent fewer greenhouse gases than fuel oil in furnaces and half the carbon dioxide emissions of a charcoal barbecue grill.

Unlike oil that can leak, contaminating soil and water, propane dissipates into the atmosphere. If only one liter of oil leaked, it can contaminate a million liters of water, spreading over the surface in a thin layer which prevents oxygen from getting to plants and animals.

It’s More Reliable

If you live somewhere that’s subject to frequent power outages, something common in areas where there are wind or ice storms, having regular propane delivery from somewhere like nelsonpropane.com is going to be a big benefit. You won’t have to worry about branches falling and taking out power lines, making propane a lot more reliable for heating your home. Of course, you need to make sure your propane tank is high quality and reliable, thus only search for new propane tanks for sale. In the middle of winter in places that often get well below freezing, that’s an especially big plus.

It’s Safe

Propane is safe, with manufacturers adding an odorant to it so that it can be easily detected should a leak occur. It isn’t toxic, can’t be ingested, and it’s stored in highly regulated tanks with safety valves and mechanisms that prevent a rupture.