Is your roof missing shingles, or are you noticing pieces of those in the yard, meaning they are cracking and getting quite damaged? Is there grit in the gutter, or is your roof simply getting quite old already, leading you to suspect that a change is in order? Those are just some of the signs and some of the reasons why you may think of replacing your roof, and you can read more on the importance of maintaining this structure, as well as properly ventilating it on this page.

This, however, is not a decision that you’ll make overnight. You can’t just wake up one morning and decide that you need a brand-new structure in your home, after which you’ll contact the best company in your area and let them start working on it. Well, okay, nobody will prevent you from doing this, but the point is that most people take quite a lot more time to think about things and consider if they really need this done and when to do it before taking any concrete steps towards it.

Not to mention that the roofing company you’ll hire may not be available on the same morning. Sure, most of them will do their best to be available to you as soon as possible, but there’s planning involved, meaning you’ll need to wait for a while. Plus, making such a decision on the spur of the moment is not what you want to do, because you could be wrong about whether you actually need the replacement services at all, and you could also be wrong on when the best time to get them would be.

Speaking of the best time to get these services, let me make it clear that I am not referring to the time of the day, or the week. After all, this is a process that will probably take a couple of days, depending on your property, your roofing choices, and the professionals you’ll hire. There is, however, such a thing as bad timing when it comes to roofing replacements, and it has to do with the period of the year and the weather.

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What Time Of Year Should You Replace Your Roof?

So, there is such a thing as bad timing, which automatically means there’s also such a thing as great timing. Once you finally realize that you need to have this structure of your property replaced, you’ll probably be tempted to schedule the service right away, without even thinking of the weather, the season, and the time of the year. Not the best idea.

Even though you’re in a hurry to do this as soon as possible, it is essential for you to take the time of the year into consideration, because not every season is suitable for doing the replacement. While technically you can do this any time of the year, some seasons are better than others, and you need to understand that, and then figure out if you should perhaps wait for a while or do the necessary work right away. Of course, the professionals you’ll think about hiring will also give you some advice on that, but it is important for you to understand better how the seasons will impact the roof replacement process and find out for yourself when it is that you should do this.

The winter, for example, is nobody’s first choice, and there are reasons for that, especially if you live in an area where snowfall is frequent. While the snow and the cold won’t exactly stop your roofers from doing the work and while most of these professionals will be much more available during the winter months, there are some cons to doing this when the weather outside is cold. The shingles, for one thing, will become less flexible and they’ll be more difficult to cut, while the sealing process may not adhere properly, because it is activated by heat and sunlight. Plus, the work may take longer and turn out to be much more expensive than you expected during the winter.

What about the summer, though? The direct opposite of winter, it should be regarded as the perfect time for replacing your roof, shouldn’t it? Well, I can see why you may think that, and there’s absolutely no doubt that doing this in the summer is better than doing it in the winter, but there are some drawbacks to that option too. It’s a fair choice because the weather will be consistently warm, but if you have to do it during the summer, it’s best to do it early, before the heat starts getting unbearable. The peak of the summer can make for unworkable conditions, and the high temperatures can soften the shingles, making them more prone to damage during the installation process and less durable in the long run.

Spring is a much better choice because there’s less humidity and less heat overall. It’s regarded as the second-best season for replacing this structure, because, for one thing, professionals such as KTM and similar companies won’t be fully booked, meaning they’ll be readily available. Nevertheless, frequent rainfalls could push the project back a bit.

Finally, autumn seems to be the best season for replacing your roof. The temperatures are comfortable both for the crew and for the shingles, which will lead to the project being completed successfully and quickly. Of course, you should always remember that the perfect timing has to do with your specific location as well, so factor in all the weather conditions in your area when trying to make up your mind.

Consult A Roofer

Not knowing exactly how to decide when the time is right can make you miss that perfect window of opportunity. Thus, the best thing to do while wondering when to replace your roofing is consult a roofer and let the professionals be the judge of that. Depending on where you live and what kind of weather is expected, these experts will recommend you the perfect timing, thus ensuring that the project will be done perfectly and without any issues.