Close up shot of old soccer ball, basketball, baseball, football, bat, hockey stick, baseball glove and cleats

Playing sports can help improve one’s fitness and overall health unlike watching movies. That’s why many people invest in new sports equipment every now and then. But in the long run, some of them unknowingly hoard different types of sports-related items in their storage rooms and garages.

Do you have old sports equipment at home such as a soccer ball or mountain bike that no one’s using anymore? You may own some that had been handed down to you by your parents or grandparents or had been given to you as presents. If you want to make them useful again, you can do so with a bit of creativity and resourcefulness.

Here are some of the best uses of old sports items that’ll allow you to make the most of them:

1. As Donations

Unused sports equipment can be a worthy charity donation since low-income areas in the country can benefit from it. You can donate any type of sports equipment and gear such as balls, nets, athletic shoes or cleats, practice or training equipment, mitts, bats, and athletic apparel.

By donating any of those items, you’ll give less fortunate children the opportunity to enjoy playing sports like soccer, basketball, football, and tennis. You can help them attain their dreams in the world of sports, especially children who persevere in and are passionate about becoming athletes.

There are many charities and organizations out there where you can donate old and new sports equipment alike. So instead of letting your gear rot or stay forgotten in your garage or inside dusty boxes, it’d be better to donate them to charitable institutions.

2. Old Basketballs As Planters

If you have worn out basketballs that are always leaking or going flat, you can convert them into garden planters. Instead of throwing them away, you can open one up with a cutter and a pair of scissors. Poke some drainage holes at the bottom, and fill the basketball with soil and plants.

3. Soccer Balls As Birdhouses

With soccer balls, it’s possible for you to make birdhouses. Just cut away an entrance hole into the ball and use a piece of wire to create a loop at the top. Hang the soccer ball birdhouse in your garden, and wait for birds to come nesting. Through this simple DIY project, you can give all kinds of birds a new home where they can be safe from harsh weather as well as predators.

4. An Old Billiard Table As A Backyard Table

You can turn your backyard into an oasis by installing a pool. And right beside that swimming pool, you can convert your old billiard table into a backyard table that can accommodate a wide array of party food and drinks. With this repurposed furniture, you can hold fun pool parties day and night without a problem.

5. Unused Bicycles As Home Décor

Sports and travel gear and equipment in piles in corner of messy suburban garage.

Old or vintage bicycles can be turned into home décor, such as the following:

  • The Entire Bicycle As A Vanity: You can have your bike be a part of the vanity in your bathroom. In particular, the area where the seat should be can be the surface of the vanity. It’s a unique bathroom décor that’ll surely catch the attention of your family members and guests.
  • A Bike Wheel As A Pot Rack: After cleaning it, you can repurpose one of the wheels of your bicycle into a hanging pot rack. In doing so, you’ll be able to organize your pans, pots, and other kitchen items in a cool and unique way.
  • A Bike Wheel As A Lazy Susan: Have you always wanted to have a lazy Susan on your dining table? A bicycle wheel without the tire would make for a good DIY alternative.

6. Old Nets As Insect Or Fly Catchers

Old sports nets can be turned into insect or fly catchers inside your home or in your garden. Just secure the nets using fasteners or clamps to trap insects, flies, and other flying pests you want to get rid of.

7. As The Features Of An Obstacle Course

You can also use old sports equipment in building an obstacle course. For instance, you can fill balls with water or soil to serve as weights while players are passing through different stages of the obstacle course. Also, bike wheels and handle bars that participants will have to hold on to can provide an extra challenge.


Old sports equipment can still be useful to other people and in other ways. There’s always the option of giving it to a charity of your choice. You can upcycle it as well, be it for decorative or functional purposes. By going for any of the ideas mentioned above, you’ll avoid throwing out old sports equipment, which would be good not only for the environment but also for the people who’ll receive your items should you decide to donate them.